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Author: Ian D Boreham Epub ISBN: 978-0-6480615-0-2 Mobi ISBN: 978-0-6480615-1-9 PDF ISBN: 978-0-6480615-2-6 About the project We converted a <50,000 word Microsoft Word document to epub and mobi as well as created a Print Ready PDF.

Author: Karen Faulkner Epub ISBN: 978-0-9924469-3-2 Mobi ISBN: 978-0-9924469-3-2 Ebook published date: 19 August 2016 Ebook available on: About the project We began this project with our Ebook Designer's Touch. Then, using the supplied front cover, we did the ebook conversion, making sure it looked good on as many devices as possible. There were many cross references within ...continue reading "Help I’m a New Mum: & I don’t know what to do"

Contributors: Gregory Czechura (author) Michelle Ryan (Editor) Gary Cranitch (Photographer) Epub ISBN: 978-1-925271-41-6 Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925271-42-3 ibooks (enhanced) ISBN: 978-0-975111-66-6 Published date: 28 July 2015 About the project This book was originally a print book that Qld Museum published, and this Corals section was only one chapter out of that book. Implementing our Ebook Designer's Touch™, we ...continue reading "The Great Barrier Reef – Corals (A Queensland Museum Discovery Guide)"

Contributors: Sue Croft (Author) About the project This book, although fairly small, is full of diagrams with captions, bulleted lists, pictures within lists, boxed sections, coloured sections, hundreds of headings and cross references. All these features make it a very useful book to read and refer to time and time again. We also set up the ...continue reading "Pelvic Floor Recovery Series"

Contributor: Hema Maps About the project 4WD + Camping Escapes - South East Queensland was already a printed book when Hema Maps approached us to convert it into an ebook. While consulting with them we decided that this book would look best as a fixed layout. The book has a massive number of images and tables, ...continue reading "4WD + Camping Escapes – South East Queensland"

Contributors: John Gunson (Author)    About the project: John came to us with a Microsoft Word manuscript. We designed the front cover and applied our trademark eBook Designers Touch™ to the manuscript, to make it aesthetically pleasing as an eBook. This included processing elements such as indented lists, footnotes and various appendices and references. The ...continue reading "God, Ethics and the Secular Society"

  Provide care for babies - CHCCN305B Gale Wood and Sue Martin Available on Amazon Kindle & Apple iBookstore Provide care for children - CHCCN302A Jacqui Cannon using materials developed by Teresa Hutchins Available on Amazon Kindle & Apple iBookstore Ensure the health and safety of children - CHCCN301C Susan Moustaka Available on Amazon Kindle & Apple iBookstore Contribute to provision ...continue reading "TAFE SA"

Contributors: Karen Colquhoun (Author) Ebook no longer available About the project: This book was converted from Word to InDesign by our team and images were resized and optimised for ebook formats ePub and mobi. After testing on Kindle 1 and iPad 3 and making changes to satisfy our own quality standards and the author's preferences ...continue reading "How to Deal with Grief: Quantum Leap with Zero Effort"

Contributors: Lee-Anne Walker (Author) Ebook no longer available About the project: The So Not Funny project is a good example of how AEP's broad services and the skillset of our team can benefit our customers. Lee-Anne Walker's book is an impressive fiction novel for teenagers that engages them in a very down-to-earth storyline, while also being packed ...continue reading "So Not Funny"

Contributors: Dr Alf Poulos (Author) Ebook available on:       This ebook was converted from Word to ePub and Mobi by our team. Deciding upon the order of 'front matter' (back matter) including copyright and publishing details, and formatting them all in a standardised way Getting the hundreds of references at the end of the ...continue reading "The Silent Threat"