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June 2016 Newsletter


Hi everyone! We are so happy to pay out royalties every quarter, and see our authors succeeding. As more and more of our authors start to earn royalties, the importance of internet marketing cannot be overstated for ebooks. In 2015 we launched our sub-brand Electrify! on the very special AustralianBook.Marketing URL.

Our key product here is Marketing Stage 1 ACTION PLAN, which gives key intelligence for promoting your book, meta-data analysis, and a thorough list of ideas and strategies for how to reach your specific target audience. One of the most important parts of any book marketing plan is encouraging professional book reviews. So we have this month launched our Review-in-kind program, based on credits to ensure fairness and rewards for your efforts and time. Find out more or sign up to our Review-in-kind program to discover great books.

Happy writing!


We know how important it is for you to market your book. That’s why we created Booklink. A special landing page service to organise your book links and information about you in one place. With a memorable URL (unlike those bunches of numbers and letters offered by ebook vendors), a Booklink page helps you simplify your marketing efforts. See an example here: www.booklink.com.au/poe

From June to September 2016, Australian eBook Publisher are also offering you 250 book cover business cards designed and printed FREE when you purchase a Booklink landing page for just $99 (T&Cs apply).

This offer is only available for Australian eBook Publisher’s customers.


Can you scan my printed book and create an ebook?

Yes. If you don’t have a copy of the manuscript in Word or PDF form we can carefully remove the spine off one copy of your printed book and scan it. We then use OCR (optical character recognition) software to convert the scanned document into an editable text document. OCRing is a highly accurate system, but errors can remain, so we also have a proofreader go through the text.

Once we have a workable manuscript we can go about converting to ebook format using our standard processes.


New Kindle!

The newest Kindle reader, called the Oasis, was unveiled in early April. This reader is claimed to be the closest an e-reader has ever been to providing a more printed book-like experience. It’s weighted on one side for easy balance in one hand, and it comes with a leather charging cover that looks like a book cover. With more Kindles in the country, including the latest Amazon Kindle HDX, it’s a great time to be releasing ebooks on Amazon.

Audiobooks increasing in popularity

As an author, you have three main mediums you can publish your book: print, ebook, and audiobook. Not everyone publishes in every format, and neither do they need to. However, recent figures are showing that publishing in audio format can prove quite successful. The most popular audiobook distributor is Audible, and they now have an Australian front. Since opening their Australian store, Audible has had ‘triple figure’ growth. Listening to an audiobook has become significantly easier in recent years. By downloading an audiobook from Audible you can listen on the Audible app through your phone or tablet. A busy commuter could pop their headphones in on the train, or plug their phone into their car via an AUX cable. Depending on your genre and marketing, your audiobook could very well outsell your ebook or print book thanks to this ease of reading. If you’re considering publishing in audio format, contact us for a quote. We can arrange audiobook narration and distribution through Audible and iTunes. For an example of our work, please see the Edgar Allan Poe audio book link on Our Books blog.

Indie Author Earnings Are Up

Based on the February 2016 Author Earnings Report, we can see that there has been significant growth for independent publishers (this includes self-publishers). The article that details the report states that “In two short years, the market share of paid unit sales between indie and Big 5 ebooks has more than inverted. The Big 5 now account for less than a quarter of ebook purchases on Amazon, while indies are closing in on 45%.” What this means is that smaller publishers are accounting for a much larger share of sales. This is a big deal for book publishing, as it takes some of the market share away from the big five publishers (Penguin Random House, Macmillan, Harper Collins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster). Congratulations indie authors!


Smell the Gum Leaves
Cover Design, Ebook Designer’s Touch™, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution, Marketing
Author: Vince O’Rourke

In Smell the Gum Leaves, Vince O’Rourke—born in 1940 in the iconic Australian central western town of Longreach, Queensland—presents an evocative and humorous reflection on a Catholic boy’s upbringing in the 1950s.This memoir of a young country boy’s passage to adulthood will delight lovers of Australian history. It will also reverberate with those who grew up in this era of intolerance and bigotry, of a church triumphant.

Ordinary Wealth
Cover Design, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Ed Murphy

Ordinary Wealth explains how to grow wealth without the need for experts or complex investment strategies. It provides a clear, easy to understand ordinary person’s do-it-yourself plan for living a more financially fruitful life.

James Joyce 1906–1907
Cover Design, Print Layout, Print-on-Demand Distribution, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Giuseppe Cafiero; Translator: Simon Knight

James Joyce 1906–1907 outlines the months in which Irish author James Joyce lived in Rome, between 1906 and 1907. Giuseppe Cafiero accounts the meetings between Mr. Joyce and detective David Mondine. He also details the letters written by Joyce to his brother Stanislaus, as well as a diary kept by Herr Mondine. This fascinating and provocative book delves into the mind of a literary genius during a period of heightened self-questioning.

High Speed Spinning
Cover Design, Ebook Designer’s Touch™, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Greg Stoneham

High Speed Spinning isn’t one of those fishing books that goes through the basics and leaves you to sort things out in practice. It tells you everything you need to know to catch fish from the rocks safely, and whether you’re a novice or more experienced, there’s no doubt it will improve your fishing, at least to some degree and potentially significantly. For the cost of just a few lures, your dreams and aspirations are closer than you ever thought...

Cover Design, Print layout, Print-on-demand distribution, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution, Marketing
Author: Amanda Greenslade

A group of immortals from a distant island is making a move on the mainland, where the Kriites have long lived in peace within the realms of Telby and Jaria. It will soon be up to a young Jarian man, named Talon, to find a way to fight back.

With a newly awakened ice tiger for his companion, Talon is finally learning the magic of the Kriite people, including telepathy and shape changing. After Jaria is attacked by the Zeikas he embarks on a mission to seek help. Along with his guide and protector, Sarlice of Lyth, he heads for Telby, but his enemies are already there.

See you next time!

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