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May/June 2014 AEP Newsletter

When was the last time you bought an ebook? As someone who is interested in selling ebooks, do you actually read them? With yesterday's budget announcement from the Australian government, a lot of people will be focusing on their hip pocket and trying to think of ways to save money and make money. I think ebooks are here to stay, but the ways in which people acquire them will continue to evolve. There are always going to be people willing to buy books in print and online, especially using major, convenient vendors like the ones we work with to sell ebooks. But there will also be more people buying ebooks directly from author websites, subscribing to ebook vaults and borrowing ebooks from libraries. Keep writing!—Amanda Greenslade, Director


Exclusive offer for our subscribers

Those of you following us on Facebook or subscribed to this newsletter can quote code 2014DISCIP to get this freebie off your next project.

As long as you have a new project and will be using our distribution/aggregation service, you can get your National Library of Australia CiP data set-up free of charge, saving $33 inc GST. We’re also including a FREE Australian eBook Publisher ISBN number AND Thorpe Bowker entry. That’s another $49.45 inc GST value FREE—A total of $82.50 inc GST FREE.

Your ISBN number is your “International Standard Book Number” and is used to identify your book with vendors, book stores, libraries and catalogues. An ISBN number is compulsory for all ebooks Australian eBook Publisher loads for sale. Every new edition or format of your book requires a different ISBN number. This helps to distinguish versions from one another.

A CiP is “Cataloguing-in-Publication”. A CiP is a catalogue record with the National Library of Australia.

“The CiP entry includes information such as title, author, ISBN, Dewey Decimal classification notation (DDC) and subject headings. This information is put online, making it widely searchable via internet search engines or library databases. Libraries and the bookselling sector use this information to select and place advance orders for forthcoming publications.

“CiP information is widely searchable and routinely used by libraries and the bookselling sector for selection and to place advance orders for forthcoming publications.”

(National Library of Australia)

Emerging Writers Festival & The National Writers’ Conference

Head to The Emerging Writers Festival website to see what events are coming up. The hottest event of the festival is always The National Writers’ Conference which is coming up at the end of May.

“Across 31 May to 1 June, industry professionals from around Australia will converge on the iconic Melbourne Town Hall for the National Writers’ Conference. The two-day Conference is programmed to inform and inspire writers of all genres and styles.

Ranging from the emerging to the established, writers and panellists offer exciting and varied perspectives on the industry, sharing the ins and outs of their writing lives, deconstructing and discussing the art, the craft and business of being a writer.” (Source)

Sony ebooks shut down in Australia

In March we knew that Sony were closing down ebook operations in Canada and the US, but it is only recently that Sony has finally admitted they’re closing up shop in Australia too. Anyone who uses a Sony reader or Sony ebooks will have been emailed about the forthcoming changeover to Kobo. Source

Kindle App Update for iPhone & iPad

For those of you who read your Kindle books on your iPhone or iPad you’ll find that there has been an update in the last few weeks. One of the aims of the update is to make navigation within the app easier. Check out the update and let us know what you think.

Writing Tip
DASH ( – )

The dash should not be confused with the hyphen. (A hyphen joins, a dash separates.)

En & Em dashes
There are two kinds of dashes, distinguished by their width. The narrower is the en dash, so called because it is the width of the letter n. The wider is the em dash, the width of the letter m.

Here is an en dash –
An en dash is used to repace the word ‘to’. Eg. 8:30 am–9:00 am, or May 7–13.

Here is an em dash —
An em dash is used in sentences to represent an interruption and is usually used in pairs. Eg Jenny Hopkins, our babysitter—a lovely girl with good manners—comes to our house on Wednesdays.

Book Design for Print

Australian eBook Publisher employs specialised book designers. If you want more than just an ebook, AEP can typeset and design your book for print, coordinate offset printing with our contacts overseas, or even arrange print-on-demand, making your job as the author easy.

Are you seeking that little something special for your book cover design? All our covers are designed to your specifications, within your budget, and with maximum creativity to suit your genre, all with a front, spine back cover and barcode. We are also expert at typesetting book interiors, using Adobe InDesign. Contact us today to quote on your book project.


BLUE: Book One of the Adamadas Chronicles
(Conversion, Distribution)
Author: LynMiller
Asha of Blue learns to be a queen while a refugee in neighbouring Ob’ronn, home of the golden ones. Redlands, the third nation of The Land, an island continent on the planet Adamadas, also helps her reclaim her heritage from her murderous uncle, Endor the Wizard when she turns seventeen.
Russian Embers: a journey in search of home
(Print Layout, Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: Anya Nielsen

On impulse Anya accepts a serendipitous invitation to Russia to go on a journey to the other side of the world where her parents were born. Her colleagues ask if she is going back to Russia. How can she go back if she’s never been?

Fairy Dell
(Conversion, Distribution (Fixed-Layout))
Author: Alan Campbell & Nina Apostle

This imaginative book features snippets of life in Fairy Dell, a place where our dreams of fairyland come to life, and where they have endless time to sing, to laugh, to cry, to love, and to be loved.

People of all ages can read and wonder as they observe a day in the small magical wooded hollow known as Fairy Dell.

Life and Travels of a Non-Famous Person
(Conversion, Cover Design, Distribution)
Author: John Brinkley
I had never thought my life was particularly interesting until I reunited with some of my former school peers. At the reunion, some people approached me to tell me what an interesting life I had led.

Those of you planning a holiday to Bali may find several chapters particularly useful. We have visited several times and have a son living there.

A Life. A finger. A pea up a nose.
Author: Sarah Hunstead

A life. A finger. A pea up a nose. gives families and carers practical advice on what to do in an emergency situation. From resuscitation, broken bones, choking and drowning to splinters and everything in between, this essential guide empowers parents with step-by-step advice on how to help their precious little ones safely and effectively should an accident happen.

What is ebook “meta-data”?

Ebook meta-data includes things like your book's title, contributor names (author, editor, illustrator), categories, price, blurb etc. Some of the meta-data is entered into the actual ebook file as it is created, others are only entered at the point of sale, such as with a vendor like Apple, Amazon, Kobo or Google Play. In our systems and procedures we provide all the information you need to give us the right meta-data for your project. Read more


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