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July/August 2014 AEP Newsletter

The end of the 2013–2014 financial year has brought many possibilities to countless writers and businesses. And if you’re still thinking about the Federal Budget and its ramifications for you, now is a good time to get that book out of your bottom drawer and into the light of day where it can start earning you some money!

In addition to the four ebook vendors we already work with, we can now get your ebook onto Nook by Barnes & Noble and your printed books offset printed or made available internationally via Print on Demand.
To find out more about these services please email info@australianebookpublisher.com.au.

Amanda Greenslade, Director


FREE cover design assessment by a professional graphic designer

Your book cover is the first thing people see when they find your book. Your cover needs to fit your genre, look professional and stylish, and be eye-catching. If you would like to have a professional graphic designer look over your cover and provide you with some feedback for FREE then our current promotion is up your alley.

Send your book cover* to info@australianebookpublisher.com.au for FREE feedback. This promotion runs from July 1 to August 31 2014.

*Limited to one cover per author

Punctuating dialogue

Our editors see many of the incorrect ways of punctuating dialogue. The rules are simple, yet they too often fall victim to inconsistencies and a good deal of guesswork.

Rule 1: ALL words in the quotation, and ALL punctuation relevant to it, must be enclosed in the inverted commas, for example: “Where are you going?” he asked.

Rule 2: Inverted commas, whether singles or doubles, must be used in sets or pairs. There is one exception to this ruled, and it applies to long speeches that require more than one paragraph. The inverted commas are placed at the beginning of each new paragraph, but only at the end of the final paragraph.

Rule 3: The quote must always begin with a capital letter.

Rule 4: A comma must not be followed by a capital unless for a proper noun.

Single quotes are preferred in most modern publications, with double quotes reserved for material quoted within a quotation.

Sometimes it is necessary to break a quotation at some point. Rule 1 applies: ‘There’s no place like home,’ said John, ‘even if it’s falling down!’

In fiction, action prose can be inserted instead of the usual “he said”/“she said” and even in between dialogue to make it more believable and “in the moment”. For example: ‘You’re standing on my—’ Jenna opened her mouth wide in pain. ‘Ow! Get off my foot.’

Google Play Books expands into Latin America

Authors who were waiting for their books to be available in Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Luxembourg are in luck. Google Play Books will be launching into these countries in the next few weeks (source). Australian eBook Publisher customers should know that we set our territories to WORLD, meaning your books will usually be available in every territory as it becomes available.

Writer against Young Adult Fiction

Ruth Graham recently penned an article that states “Read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.” This article had the internet up in arms with reasons Graham is wrong and snobby. Funnily enough though, even Graham concedes that YA is a genre for more than just young adults, in fact research suggests that fifty-five percent of YA books are purchased and read by people over eighteen. What do you think? Should readers of YA fiction be embarrassed?


Here at Australian eBook Publisher we have two very talented illustrators, Julia and Glen. These two have been working in the design and illustration business for years and we’re thrilled to have them on our team. If your book needs an added personal touch, perhaps having it illustrated is the answer.

The great thing about having your book illustrated means that the pictures are set perfectly to your words, there’s no hours wasted looking for that perfect stock image. As a bonus, you can choose to have an illustrated book cover, or even use your illustrations on marketing materials.

Click here for more on our illustration services.


A Saddlebag Preacher’s Story
(Editing, Designer’s Touch™, Conversion, Distribution)
Author: John Fisher

With the American frontier opening up to free settlers in the mid 1800’s, came a smorgasbord of evil men in a lawless land. To reach the masses in the wilderness, religious groups sent their representatives, but none quite like Ryan Jarred.

Paramount to Ryan’s absolute belief was that for evil to grow and prosper all it takes is good people to stand back and do nothing. He did not…

The Unbelonger: The Autobiography Of A Half-Jewish Girl In Hitler’s Berlin
(Cover Design, Designer’s Touch™, Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Ellen Ubelaker with Brian Wynn

Everything changes for a young schoolgirl in Berlin when Hitler and the Nazis come to power. It suddenly becomes vitally important that her father is Jewish and her mother is Catholic. Religious identity becomes a matter of life and death, and the question is asked: is she Jewish or Christian? In fact, is she even German?

(Cover Design, Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Bruce Iliff

Thorns is a scuba-diving novel set in the present time during a scientific research expedition on Lady Musgrave Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The Adventures of Sammy the Sleeper: Sammy Saves the Day
(Editing, Enhanced Fixed Layout Conversion, Audio Overlay, Distribution)
Author: Warren Byrnes | Editor: Steve Byrnes
Have you ever wondered what happens to a tree after it is chopped down? Follow the adventures of Sammy the Sleeper, a wooden railway sleeper who loves nothing more than playing with his friends, Wozi Wombat, Ellie Echidna, Kelba Koala and Lewie the laughing Kookaburra.

Fit to Fly
(Scan and OCR, Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Doug Edwards
A book about training yourself to the highest state of cognitive fitness you can attain and maintain.

Read, Review & Gift

Read and review online one of Budd Severs’ ebooks on Good Reads or Amazon and receive a solid opal (Shakespeare’s Queen of Gems) free of charge.

The books are:

1. Lightning Ridge Opal – Blood of the Gods. (Historical fiction)
About the vicissitudes of opal miners on the new field of Lightning Ridge.

2. Opal – Scales of the Rainbow Serpent
Seeking one of the world’s rarest and most precious gems in the harsh desert country of South Australia.

3. Echoes in a Nightmare
Terror stalks three people on a farm.

4. Jackey Two Times – Australian Hero (A true story)
A diminutive Aboriginal guide confronts overwhelming odds on a tragic expedition into the wilds of Queensland.

For more information email Budd at buddsevers@netspace.net.au

See you next time!

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