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Where Are You This Time? Making a Difference in Places from Kabul to Kiev, Kosovo to Kazakhstan and Kismayo to Qatar

About the project
First of all we did a line edit for this from the supplied manuscript, then once the manuscript was ready to continue with, we did the cover design. Then the print design of the interior of the book was commenced. The book was then converted to an ebook which the customer then distributed online herself.

About the book

Mary Venner gave up a secure job to travel to the other side of the world to work in foreign aid. She soon discovered that it isn’t always about feeding the hungry and tending the sick. It’s also about red tape and regulation, spreadsheets, computers and accounting.

Mary arrived in Kosovo in the aftermath of the Balkan Wars and found a new career providing advice to politicians and government officials on how to manage their country’s finances. With a wry sense of humour, she describes the strange working conditions, the daily security challenges, and the lively social life of expats living in cities that tourists avoid.

This book provides a first-hand account of the devastation caused by war, the hardships created by government corruption and incompetence, and the problems that need to be solved to make life better in these places. It also provides insights into the lives of the locals who live with the consequences after the foreigners have moved on.

About the Author

Mary Venner works as a technical consultant in developing and post-conflict countries. Before that, she was a public servant in Canberra, Australia. She has published an academic book and numerous articles about her work. This is her first non-academic book.

All proceeds from this publication will be donated to charities working to improve life for people affected by conflict and poverty.

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