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Something About Women

 Raymond Burt (Author)SOmethingaboutwomen_03
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271737

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The book something about women', isn't by all means all about the ladies. But its from my personal experience of the relationships and what i have learn't from the ladies, (women), and the many often the times, i had spent with my relationships, its the knick knacks and the following of the many times, i was to have my first serious relationship in 82 just before an accident, rendering me in the chairs. And after that i was close to married with my fiance, and several short term but fruitful times and had with the many women, all of about 15 of the girls. Including their relationships and the man and the women and the children, i 've by no means had much experience with the mothers and the kids, except growing up with the family of 4 siblings, and how my parents and the parents of the girls i 've known and can only contemplate on what god may think, I'm religious. i 've learn't through intellectually handicapped friends and family, and i think what I've learned is invaluable experience, and my sister has an ailment and spending many years in hospitals.



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