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Parables For Tomorrow

Contributors: Ray Burt
Publish Date: 13 October 2015
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925029-53-6
Print ISBN: 978-1-925177-78-7
Ebook available:
Print book available:

About the project
Ray Burt is a writer of poetic-prose that creatively investigates some unusual ways of looking at our history and the world.

Ray brought us his manuscript as a word document and wanted it converted to reflowing epub and mobi files, with Ebook Designers Touch as well as a cover design. Shortly after the process had begun, Ray decided the book, with it’s new layout and cover looked so good that he wanted to see it in print and the job was scaled up to include Print on Demand. This required that the book cover be expanded to include the spine and back and the inside layout was typeset for print.

About the book
You partake of the feel-good diets and then you wonder why you’re obese and the flatulent. You fund for the gorillas and tigers and the fitness experts alike. You adore the paid models and are glued to the many Mary Truce, commercials. You covet the doll-like images and the malingered and anorexic model and believe the size seven model is fat. You’re into sex and the plagues of the dirty, you only want to feel good and wallow in the filth and the growth on hers, and then you fall over laughing and crying at her looks. We only care about your firm breasts, and the horny men are proud, even though they catch and spread the herpes. Do you know of her ablutions and the laws of Protestants and Catholics and the Anglicans? Do you seek me, your father, and does it meet with your approval? Can I doubt the liars and the cheaters, and you young ladies who think nothing of committing adultery and idolatry and behave with promiscuous deeds and lovers?

Interior screenshots
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