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Contributors: Lee Everest (Author) Ebook available on:      About the project Lee approached us with her manuscript in a Word document, with a few photographs, wanting to tell her story undergoing total knee replacement surgery, converting the manuscript in to ePub and Mobi files. The job ended up being rather simple and easy, culminating in ...continue reading "Surviving Total Knee Replacement"

Contributors: Julie Clark Higson (Author) Ebook ISBN: 9781925271195 Ebook available on:      About the project Julie brought her book to us as a Word Document. We started with an edit of the recipes before progressing with the ebook development. Once this was complete we used our Ebook Designer's Touch to design the interior, though we ...continue reading "Julz’s Kitchen: A bit of this and a dash of that"

Contributors: Peter Kelly (Author) Ebook available on:       About the project We converted this book from a customer supplied word document to standard epub and mobi. Prior to the conversion stage we designed the front cover and added Ebook Designer's Touch™. Once Steve approved the conversion, we then distributed his ebook to Apple, Amazon, ...continue reading "Sarah Fletcher Transported"

Contributors: Thomas A. Petterson (Author) Ebook available on:       About the project: Australian eBook Publisher carried out our Ebook Designer’s Touch™ on this ebook, paying careful attention to the formatting the customer wanted included in the book. There were many different sub-levels of headings which needed to be displayed differently in order for the book ...continue reading "G.I.F.T. Godly Insights For Today"

Contributers: Van Cam Quach Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-79-9 Published date: 4 August 2015 About the project We were supplied a Word document for this book and converted it to standard reflowing epub and mobi. We applied our Designer's Touch™ to the manuscript, giving it some nice fonts for the headings, and ensuring all images were nicely presented. We also ...continue reading "The Dream That Comes True"

Contributors: J.J. Sheahan (Author) Ebook available on:       About the project: We first designed this book for print (see excerpts from the book below), including the front and back cover design. We liaised with the client and then later the printer to get the book looking exactly right and then provided print-ready pdfs to ...continue reading "The Bracelet"