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  Author: Dolly Nanda Epub ISBN: 978-1-925635-97-3 Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925635-98-0 Ebook published date: 30/05/2018 Ebook available on:     About the project Australian eBook Publisher designed the cover for Dolly's book, developing three distinct cover options for her to choose from. This book includes a lot of quizzes, diagrams, tables and images, Australian eBook Publisher worked ...continue reading "Practical Applications of Ophthalmic Assisting"

Author: Lesleigh S Baker, Mark C Beaves, Euan M Wallace AM Epub ISBN: 978-0-9953616-2-1 Mobi ISBN: 978-0-9953616-3-8 Ebook published date: 5 July 2017 Ebook available on: About the project We converted their <36,000 word PDF to epub and mobi ensuring tables, flowcharts, equations displayed correctly in the new formats.

Author: Family Planning NSW Epub ISBN: 978-1-925635-49-2 Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925635-50-8 Print ISBN: 978-1-925635-80-5 Ebook available: About the project We used the customer-supplied pdf to begin the ebook conversion process for this project, and there were many aspects in the original printed design which had to be adjusted in order to suit a reflowing format. There were ...continue reading "Reproductive and Sexual Health"

Author: Richard Woodward Epub ISBN: 978-0-9946045-0-7 Mobi ISBN: 978-0-9946045-1-4 Print ISBN:  9780987377401 Ebook published date: 12 July 2016 Ebook available on: About the project Using the supplied front cover, we did the ebook conversion, making sure it looked good on as many devices as possible. There were approximately 25 tables, 21 images as well as multiple pull quotes and formatting ...continue reading "Business Development That Works: Practical Steps to Enhance Your Performance in Sales and Business Development"

Contributors: Zanette Phillips (Author) Ebook ISBN: 9781925029376 About the project Zanette Phillips supplied us with her final manuscript in word format to be converted to reflowing epub and mobi formats. There were 10 tables that we worked with and encoded for ebook suitability.  We then designed a professional looking front cover by organising and aligning ...continue reading "Don’t Let Your Customers Run Your Business"

Contributors: Greg Stoneham Epub and Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925271-74-4 Published Date: 9 March 2016 Ebook available:    About the project First of all with this project we designed the front cover, using a stock image. We then used the customer supplied Word document and applied our Ebook Designer's Touch™ to it, ensuring that all headings and formatting was consistent throughout. ...continue reading "High Speed Spinning: The Lure of Sportfish from the Rocks"

Contributors: Ed Murphy ISBN: 978-1-925271-68-3 Published Date: 22 July 2015 Ebook available:      About the project This customer provided us with his final Microsoft Word manuscript ready to be converted to both epub and mobi ebook files. There were a number of tables throughout the book that needed attention due to having to many columns which ...continue reading "Ordinary Wealth"

Contributors: Peter Hudson (Author) Ebook ISBN: 9781925271676 Ebook available on:      Project Information Peter approached us with his Microsoft Word manuscript that he wanted converted to epub and mobi format. The most complex part of this project was ensuring that the 61 tables featured in this book were formatted correctly and user-friendly. We also designed ...continue reading "Hudson’s Guide For Teaching Primary Science"

Contributors: Michael Hamilton Ebook epub ISBN: 9780992452018 Ebook mobi ISBN: 9780992452025 Ebook available on: About the Project Michael brought us a PDF of his previously printed book It Should Just Work with the intention of us turning it into epub and mobi reflowing ebook formats. The book contained many images, links, diagrams and tables, though the conversion process was ...continue reading "It Should Just Work"