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Amanda Greenslade

Amanda is a writer, editor and graphic designer with small business experience and a love of books. She has a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Writing and Screen Production, and has been involved in design and publishing since 2004.

She approaches her editing jobs with both a big picture perspective and a fine-toothed comb, using her knack with words and her nous with cohesion to help writers produce their finest work. She loves children, animals, books, science and technology, so it is only fitting that she has two busy boys, three capering cats and manages Australian eBook Publisher.

Can edit

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Academic papers

Professional Memberships

  • Society of Editors Qld
  • Queensland Writers’ Centre
  • Australian Society of Authors

Favourite genres to edit

  • Business, HR, documentation editing
  • Science fiction and fantasy
  • Non-fiction, especially
    • Philosophy
    • Sociology
    • Science for the layman
  • Children’s fiction
  • Other speculative fiction and general fiction
  • Young adult fiction

A selection of edited and proofread books (and my role in the project):

  • The ABC of Mathematics (interactive ebook editor)
  • Killing in the Springtime (thriller manuscript assessor)
  • Analog Cop (detective science fiction editor)
  • The Stones of Al Karaja (speculative fiction thriller manuscript assessor)
  • The Makor Dragon Prophecies (fantasy manuscript assessor)
  • The Dragonfly Who Lost a Wing (children's book editor)
  • Matched Betting (ebook editor)
  • The Falling Blade (historical fiction editor)
  • My Life with a German Shepherd by Christine Durrant (dog memoir editor)
  • Bubbles' Tale by Colleen Sheehan (cat memoir editor)
  • Belle of the Ashes by E.R. (self-help book editor)
  • Philosopholutionist by H.N. (social change philosophy book editor)
  • 3 Transform Nutrition cookbooks by Samantha McDonald (cook book editor)
  • Drop In by J.H. (novel structural editor)
  • How to Attract and Retain Sponsors and Partners by Richard Woodward (business book editor)
  • Atheiasaurus by A.C. (middle-grade science fiction editor)
  • Selfies From Townsville by Maggie O (children's picture book editor)
  • Why Superheroes Eat Their Greens by Craig Howlett (children's picture book editor)
  • Breaking Free From the Chains of Silence by L.N. (self-help book proofreader)
  • What Your Mother Did Not Tell You by Beryl Webber (self-help book editor in collaboration with Sharnai)
  • The Mud Monster by S.K. (children's picture book editor, early drafts)
  • Black Ops Zulu* by A. Bozikas (thriller novel editor)
  • The Straight and Narrow* by S. Kirk (fiction novel editor)
  • FIFO There is a Healthier Way* by Steve Hord (nutrition and health book editor)
  • Get That Headache Sorted by Bernie Searle (Health non-fiction book editor)
  • Is Breast Cancer Preventable? by Bernie Searle (allied health book editor)
  • The Wonderful Story of Electricity by A J Neeson (children's non-fiction rhyming verse editor)
  • The Olive Pickers—Petty (literary fiction editor)
  • The Holy Spirit—Masaka (spiritual non fiction editor, in collaboration with one other editor)
  • Anne Threw a Streamer—Jan Leader and Graeme Mitchell (Australian juvenile fiction editor)
  • MV Blythe Star—Noga (fiction based on a true story editor)
  • The Devil's Prayer—Luke Gracias (historical ficiton editor, in collaboration with Sharnai)
  • The Missing Peace (self-help book editor)
  • Forever A Fool's Paradise (philosophy book editor)
  • Archipelago—Talbot (science fiction editor)
  • Sex God Status—McGregor (sexual health book editor)
  • Collective Social Intelligence—Jones (non-fiction editor)
  • The Orc—M.C.Martine (fantasy novel editor)
  • Symbols—Gretchen Netterfield (science fiction editor)
  • 24 Seconds—Gretchen Netterfield (science fiction editor)
  • Deal Assessor: Your Guide to Selling Through Group Buying Sites (business non-fiction editor)
  • Sebastian Cornwell—Danny Bryan (fantasy editor)
  • Pebbles in the Road—Ryll Paul (memoir editor)
  • Your Child’s Lunchbox—Jennifer McDowell (self-help editor)
  • Sammy Saves the Day—Warren Byrnes (children's picture book editor, in collaboration with one other editor)
  • Orange Town, Paul Rhoden (contemporary fiction editor, in collaboration with other editors)
  • Mythic Resonancemultiple authors (short story editor)

When working with Amanda as the editor of a fiction piece, she will often include a free tension map with visual representation of your story's highs and lows, including the climax, if there is one. 

Feedback about Amanda

"Thank you for your really detailed and insightful response. There is a lot to absorb and a great deal of thinking for me to do. I appreciate your directness in pointing out all of the faults in the story. Also you gave some interesting plot lines to follow. Thanks again for a good whacking. As I said, I need to do a lot of thinking. I'll give it to you, you're good."—A.C.


Lynne has been passionate about writing all her life. She was the editor of a small periodical for seven years, before going into professional editing and proofreading. She is also the author of a traditionally published YA sci-fi romance series which was published 2013 and 2014.

Can edit

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction

Favourite genres to edit

  • Young adult
  • Science fiction/fantasy
  • Romance
  • Historical fiction
  • Theological books
  • Autobiographies/biographies

A selection of edited and proofread books

  • The Forever Place by Michelle Montebello (romance novel editor)
  • The Genetic Effect by Jason Andrews (action/thriller novel editor)
  • The Futures We Make: How our hobbies can make us whole and heal the planet by Paul Wildman (non-fiction self-help book editor)
  • Metaworld Chronicles Vol 1, 2 & 3 by David Wu (speculative fiction novel editor)
  • The Lost Letters of Playfair Street by Michelle Montebello (romance/historical novel editor)
  • Beautiful, Fragile by Michelle Montebello (romance novel editor)
  • The Quarantine Station by Michelle Montebello (romance/historical novel editor)
  • The Book of Dyslexic Motivation in Pictures: Succeed as a Professional Who is Dyslexic by Will Wheeler (non-fiction book editor)
  • Ceci: The Misjudged Rescue Cat by Elizabeth Cee (non-fiction book editor)
  • The Book Glasses by Arthur Bozikas (contemporary/speculative fiction novel editor)
  • The Life and Times of Gerrit de Waal: A Quest to the Great South Land by Peter Purchase (contemporary/historical novel editor)
  • The Glass Cenotaph by Peter Purchase (contemporary novel editor)
  • The Diplomat of Florence by Anthony R. Wildman (historical novel editor)
  • What's New at the Rialto? The lost years of William Shakespeare by Anthony R. Wildman (historical novel editor)
  • The Life Manuals by Matthew Yong O'Gorman (young adult non-fiction book editor)
  • Interwoven by Michelle Montebello (romance novel editor)
  • House of Lies by Michelle Montebello (romance novel editor)
  • Beneath the Pepper Tree by Michelle Montebello (romance novel editor)
  • Battle for Truth by Tom Lovett (Sci-fi Christian novel editor)
  • Skin Deep by Lee Welling (science fiction novel structural editor)
  • Belle of the Ashes by E. R. (self-help book editor)
  • The Inked Trilogy by Jodi Delaney (young adult romance novel editor)
  • Wally the Whale Gets Lost by Andrew Hemming (children's picture book editor)
  • The Stars Are Aligning by Liz Paras (non-fiction health book editor)
  • Dark Cure by Cameron Moore (action/thriller novel editor)
  • The Silver Buckle by Eira Battaglia (historical memoir editor)
  • Dragon God by Elaine Montgomery (action romance novel editor)
  • The History of the Vermont Elderly People's Homes by Ken Barelli (non-fiction history book editor)
  • Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden by Susan Woods (children's picture book editor)
  • Summer of True Love by Daniela Andaloro (romance novel editor)
  • Run to Fail by Rian Bezuidenhout (climate change book editor)
  • Bang and Burn by Arthur Bozikas (thriller proofreader)
  • Wally the Whale by Andrew Hemming (children's book editor)
  • Building Winning Organisations by Kyle Gimpl (business book editor)
  • Shred Fat, Keep the Muscle—Triangle Method by Dean Pavlides
  • Casey and Aon—Cybersafety Chapter Book for Kids by Amanda Greenslade (primary school book editor)
  • Dead to the World by Kevin Stone (suspense/thriller fiction editor)
  • The Lonely Road by G Maddern (novel editor)
  • Trails and Trivia and Sheer Bloody Mindedness by Jim King (memoir structural editor)
  • Embouchure by Miles Rothwell (novel editor)
  • Dudley the Lucky Duck by Warren Purnell (children's picture book proofreader)
  • Out With the Tide by Leah Tunley (novel editor)
  • Philosopholutionist by Hamish Nikora (philosophy editor)
  • Timber Floats by Clayton Dealy (fiction editor)

Feedback about an exceptional Brisbane editor

Sometimes you just don't know how good something is until you experience it. I sent what I thought of as the 'final' draft of my first novel to Lynne at Australian eBook Publisher mostly because I thought someone should give it a once over and tidy it up a bit. What came back was an intelligent and comprehensive review that shortened it by 10,000 words or so and resulted in a much, much better manuscript. Then when I needed a cover designed, Lynne's colleague James produced a beautiful one in no time at all. And we did all of this while I am in Italy and they are in Australia! Now I know how good they are, they will be at the top of my mind when my next novel is ready to go.—Anthony R. Wildman

Australian eBook Publisher offers excellent editing services and I have used them for all three of my published books. Each time I receive a manuscript back, I am impressed by how thorough their line editing and proofreading is. They leave no stone unturned and always suggest easy ways to correct issues. I am continually learning new things from their edits and this helps me to become a better writer. I trust their advice completely, knowing they care about my manuscript as much as much I do. Will continue to use them again and again!—Michelle Montebello

“Lynne Stringer of Australian eBook Publisher, edited and provided exceptional comments and suggestions for my ... thriller novel. Lynne’s superior knowledge and understand[ing] of suspense thrillers really helped ramp up the tension and suspense, tighten the pace, and significantly improve the overall story. I am anxious to get to work with Lynne on my second novel. I highly recommend Australian eBook Publisher’s editing services.”—Arthur Bozikas (OAM)


Kirsten has a Ph.D. in anthropology and has been writing and editing books and academic works since 2007. She also has a Masters degree in creative writing.

Can edit

  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction
  • Academic papers

A selection of edited and proofread books

  • Splinter by R.R. (manuscript assessor)
  • Poor Little Rich Girl by D.S. (book structural editor)
  • The Search by J.F. (book structural editor)

Feedback about Kirsten
"As I hope you are aware, I am very happy with your editing. In fact, I was quite surprised at the rapidity and efficiency of your effort."—D. Corbett


A selection of books edited by other Australian eBook Publisher editors

  • The Genesi Code by Tristen Willis (dystopian science fiction book editor)
  • The Dream Life of Debris (fiction book editor)
  • Poor Little Rich Girl (structural editor)
  • What Your Mother Did Not Tell You by Beryl Webber (self-help book editor in collaboration with Amanda)
  • Map Your Finances by Glenys Phillips (finance book editor)
  • The Search by J. Foster (structural editor)
  • Aurora by Dianne Harrendence (fantasy novel editor)
  • Life Lessons by K Hender (self-help book editor)
  • Reigntime—Levy S.K. (fiction editor)
  • How to Move the Earth—Martin (non-fiction mining book editor)
  • Conversations on a Train—Regina Ryan (travel memoir editor)
  • The 1960s Aboriginal Fruit-picking Scheme—Milton James (non-fiction editor)
  • Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life—Gita Brigham (self-help book editor)
  • The Devil's Prayer—Luke Gracias (historical fiction editor, in collaboration with Amanda)
  • The Governess—Victoria Capper (romance editor)
  • Orange Town—Paul Rhoden (contemporary fiction editor, in collaboration with other editors)
  • The Polka Dots and the Jolly Swagman—Angie Caterson (middle-grade chapter book editor)
  • Julz’s Kitchen—Julie Clark Higson (cookbook editor)
  • Opal Ridge—Victoria Capper (romance editor)
  • Abandoned (second edition)—Warren Shan (speculative fiction editor)

Book Marketing

Customer Feedback

"I have really appreciated your support with my book, Amanda. I'm sure your other clients are of the same opinion. Quality professionalism is never in over supply, neither is generosity of spirit. You have both."—Henry Grossek, radio announcer and author of Game On: Building the Education Revolution

"Thank you, Australian eBook Publisher. I am delighted with the quality of the print edition of my novel, Beast-speaker. The service that Amanda and her team provide is exceptional: friendly, helpful and everything is delivered within the promised time-frame. The print on demand package is easy and affordable, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering publishing with Australian eBook Publisher."—W. A. Noble, author of Beast-speaker

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