Your Child’s Lunchbox

Contributors: Jennifer McDowell (Author)

Ebook no longer available

About the project:
Your Child's Lunchbox was first edited by director Amanda Greenslade, in a four-step project which then involved one of our team designing the front cover, designing the book layout for print, converting it to ePub and Mobi and aggregate the ebook. Although Jennifer McDowell then decided not to go ahead with printing, the process of designing the book for print introduced some colourful and creative aspects to the ebook, which otherwise would not have been there.

About the book:
Based on the traditional naturopath dietary approach of eating for your blood type, Jennifer McDowell discusses issues such as food allergies and intolerances, the importance of a healthy digestive system and how to avoid behavioural problems. She gives dietary advice with suggestions and recipes for providing children with a healthy lunch box.



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