Smell the Gum Leaves book coverContributors: Vince O'Rourke (author)
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925177-73-2
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925427-06-6
Published date: 14 March 2016
Ebook available on:

About the project
Vince's biographical project was a pleasure to work on. We assisted him with marketing and creating his metadata before we designed a cover for his ebook, and used our Ebook Designer's Touch™ to create a design for his ebook that was warm, welcoming and in line with his genre. With the cover and design ready to go, we converted his Word document into epub and mobi, with a number of added images. Within a short amount of time, the ebook was ready for distribution and we aggregated it onto our usual vendors.
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Contributors: Warren Purnell
Epub ISBN: 9781925177763
Mobi ISBN: 9781925177770
Ebook available: This title is no longer available

About the project
Warren already had a printed hardback book version of Dinkum Aussie Ringer when he approached us, wanting to see it come to life as a reflowing ebook.

He didn't have a manuscript, only a copy of the original book - which we OCR scanned for him and then from there developed into an ebook, including the cover and all of the great illustrations and photographs throughout the book.

As part of Warren's marketing we are also creating a website and some marketing materials.

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coverContributors: Diana Karezi
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Publish Date: 14 October 2015
The Greek Affair Series Book One
Ebook ISBN
: 978-1-925271-76-8

About the project
We converted Diana's manuscript into an ebook with our Ebook Designer's Touch™. The cover had already been designed by Diana's son, but we provided some assistance getting the typography just right. Diana worked with our marketing consultant to come up with the blurb and keywords. We also added a specially-designed graphic to the interior of the book, encouraging people to rate and review the book. We then aggregated the mobi of the ebook to Amazon's exclusive program, and helped Diana to manage her Kindle Select benefits, including free periods. After one period with Kindle Select, Diana had us load the epub to our other vendors (Apple, Kobo, NOOK, and Google Play). ...continue reading Surrender

Pantalone-ebook-coverContributors: Maria Pantalone
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-89-8
Print ISBN: 978-1-925271-88-1
Ebook available:

Print available:

I was impressed by the professionalism of the team at Australian eBook Publisher through each stage of the publishing process of both my print book and ebook. Communication was regular and any questions that I had were readily answered. I’m pleased with both the print and ebook versions of my book.

About the Project
When we first started on Maria's business book project it was with a proofread of her manuscript. We then created a print layout inspired by the front cover design she supplied. The layout was fun to do and a little bit more creative as it had a variety of different requirements. There were pull quotes, chapter lead pages with images of specific contributors, multiple heading levels as well as the body text. After some tweaking Maria was happy with the layout and we made it ready for printing. We also designed the back and spine of Maria's book to match the front. We then aggregated it to print on demand. ...continue reading Success Talks: Conversations with Everyday Leaders

97806469390329780646935355Contributors: Sue Croft (Author)

About the project
This book, although fairly small, is full of diagrams with captions, bulleted lists, pictures within lists, boxed sections, coloured sections, hundreds of headings and cross references. All these features make it a very useful book to read and refer to time and time again. We also set up the Facebook page, built their initial following of around 700 and got the author and her associates going with a social media marketing strategy. See

Sue Croft returned with another book titled Pelvic Floor Essentials from the Pelvic Floor Recovery Series. We converted and distributed this title also. The customer was quite satisfied with the results of both projects and we look forward to hearing from them in the near future. ...continue reading Pelvic Floor Recovery Series

Contributors: 9781925271959_coverGiuseppe Cafiero (author), Peter Christie (translator), Sergio Poddighe (illustrator), Joe Farinacci (narrator for audio edition)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-92-8
Print ISBN: 978-1-925271-95-9

About the book
Giuseppe Cafiero presents the most intriguing biography of one of America's most enduring writers: poet, author and critic Edgar Allan Poe. The beloved master of mystery and the macabre, Poe’s life and work is explored through the creation of memories, recriminations, intense loves and of delicate devotions. ...continue reading Edgar Allan Poe: The Ambiguity of Death

Myra and the Magic Motorcycle: The Business in BermudaContributors: Amanda Greenslade (Author), Glen Holman (Illustrator)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-61-4
Enhanced Ebook ISBN: 
Print Book ISBN: 
Audio Book ISBN: 978-1-925635-26-3
U.S. Print Book ISBN: 978-1-925029-47-5
(available here)
Ebook available on:
Enhanced Ebook on:
Audiobook available:
Printed book available on:

About the project
Myra and the Magic Motorcycle is Amanda Greenslade's, the director of Australian eBook Publisher, debut children's book. After the book was written Amanda coordinated the editing and the illustrations, which were done digitally by Glen Holman.

Amanda then arranged audio narration recording, purchased sound effects, did the printed book design layout, designed the cover, designed the non-enhanced and enhanced ebook editions and coordinated publishing. Amanda and the team at are currently still working on the marketing for Myra, on a shoestring budget.

Unlike most children's books that are designed for print and then the ebook edition may not work very well at e-reader or tablet size, we started with the iPad dimensions in mind. We asked ourselves what was the best way to present a children's book on the iPad. We later made the print edition.

For more on these ebook design decisions, you may be interested in the video recorded by Amanda here.

Some time after the original release of the book, we worked on an audiobook version of Myra and the Magic Motorcycle. The audiobook was narrated by Kelly Stroud and Caitlin Stroud. Once the files met Audible specifications, it was released for sale.

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Contributors: W. Blower (Author)
Ebook available on:

About the project

Glen Holman, a talented member of our team, illustrated Corporate Survival then converted it to ePub and mobi. We then aggregated it to major ebook vendors. We also designed a website for the author and provided some marketing services.

About the book
The Pocket Guide offers a view of corporate life which is honest, funny and refreshingly different. It is essential reading for anyone working for or thinking of joining a large company or multinational. It will lead you through the corporate minefield to career success.

You begin as a new recruit and end as an established business leader. As you make this journey, you learn about the real role of Human Resources (the KGB of corporate life), how to manage your workload (without becoming a 24/7 employee) and are warned about the personal qualities and behaviours (such as courage, integrity and initiative) which may lead to career failure.

On the way you are introduced to office politics, the management class system, a new corporate language (with real meanings provided), and the best way to manage your sex life at company conferences. The importance of socialising and networking is considered.

The Guide contrasts the lofty goals of organisational visions, values and mission statements with the tawdry realities of business life and the cynical disbelief of employees. For the first time in print, the real purpose of corporate policies and procedure is explained as well as the difficulty of working with human beings rather than robots.

You learn about the art of appearing to make decisions without actually doing so and how to survive in the labyrinth of a multinational matrix management structure.

Finally, there are a few serious words in the last chapter as food for thought.

"A witty insider exposes the fake gloss of corporate life while sharply separating the smart from the stupid. HR be scared!"

Glenn Daniel. Nova Entertainment (Glenn Daniel is a well known Sydney radio journalist and winner of 2014 Best News Presenter (FM Metro) award as well as 2014 Brian White Memorial Award)

"A highly entertaining and in many instances factual stroll through Corporate Life. A must read for all current and budding Corporate Executives especially those with their eyes on the top HR role"

J.T. (A retired senior executive)

Ebook screenshots



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pivotal_velocityContributors: Arthur Bozikas (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271324
Ebook available on:

About the project
Originally Arthur came to us for an edit, which we completed towards the end of 2014. Once that edit was completed and approved by Arthur, we moved on to creating an ebook. Using supplied imagery we created a cover that matched the tone and setting of the novel. This cover design inspired our Ebook Designer’s Touch™. The ebook came together very quickly, and we loaded it on all of our vendors.

Later down the track we designed some marketing materials for Arthur, for him to use at the 2015 Book Expo Australia (these can be seen below). ...continue reading Black Ops Zulu: Pivotal Velocity

wayenbergm-bbm-innerwayenbergm-bbm-inner1Contributors: Marjolyn Wayenberg (Author) (website)

About the project
After proofreading Marjolyn’s three books (one fiction, two non-fiction), we converted them from Word documents to epub and mobi files. There were some images and tables in the non-fiction books, so care was taken in keeping uniformity of size and quality of these images. We designed the covers in consultation with the author and are very pleased with the results.

In November/December 2014 our marketing team also ran a small campaign to promote the three books. This included:

  • ebook meta-data analysis for enhancing ebook sales
  • drafting a marketing plan
  • arranging a small no. of reviews and ads
  • designing and hosting the author’s website
  • Facebook, Goodreads and Shelfari author pages and management

wayenbergm-bbm-innerRead the Signs

Ebook available on:

Print edition available on:

About the book
Marjolyn Wayenberg, nee Terlaak, was born in the East Indies, now known as Indonesia. Her husband Robert was also born there.

Being from Dutch background, Marjolyn learned to speak English at the age of twelve and became a teacher.

While teaching and having four children, she went on to learn many healing modalities on a part-time basis.

She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1994. Over the next decade, it became increasingly difficult to manage. It became so bad that she wished she could die until…

Marjolyn realised as time went on that the predictions her mother-in-law had made a decade earlier were starting to come to fruition. The last one being: ‘Your legs will be all right.’

Read about her journey towards healing.

wayenbergm-bbm-inner1Let Your Light Shine

Ebook available on:

Print edition available on:

About the book
As we pray, in our desperation we often ask for ‘salvation’ or a ‘miracle’ to be delivered from hardships and trials. Remember, we are part of God, and He wants us to trust that we are His, made in his image, have inherited God’s qualities and are powerful.

Rather than ask for a miracle, BE THE MIRACLE.

Continuing on from Read the Signs, this book reveals more of the story behind MarjolynWayenberg and her battle with MS. Read how her positive outlook and knowledge of spiritual healing is enabling her to cope with multiple sclerosis.

She has even tried the controversial “Bee Treatment”, allowing bees to sting her, which returned sensitivity to parts of her body that had become numb.

Marjolyn holds nothing back in her candid account of how MS has affected her body and her life. The reality may be harsh but the truth of healing will be an inspiration to you.

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