MortonCover_FinalAuthor: Bronte Morton
Ebook published date: 16 December 2016
Ebook available on:

About the project
We first edited Bronte's manuscript before formatting it for fixed layout ebook conversion using a basic version of our Ebook Designer's Touch™. We also designed the cover to be published with the book on Apple, Google Play and Amazon.

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logoAuthor: Dr Louise M. Lawson PhD (Facebook)

About the project
Louise came to us with a project to convert her existing epubs into mobis so we could release them for her via Kindle Select. We started with five books, but will continue working with Louise to complete all books by the end of 2017

About the author
Biologist Louise Lawson loves to teach about the natural world, animal behaviour and more than anything loves to make people laugh with puns and wordplay.  Combining this with handrawing with pen and watercolour, she brings life all these loves into a colourful escape into the imaginary world of animals for grown ups who never really became adults. ...continue reading Brothbone & McSmelly Series

9781925516302Author: Marie Rosier (WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Photographer: Julieanne Perara (Website)
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925516-30-2
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925516-31-9
Print ISBN: 978-1-925516-32-6
Print published date: 24 October 2016
Print available on:
Ebook published date: 07 December 2016
Ebook available on:

About the project
We created the print layout and cover design with Marie for Through My Eyes, using the gorgeous photographs by Julieann Perara. The children's scrapbook style cover was inspired by the idea that the book has been written by a child for their mother.

Marie worked with our director Amanda Greenslade to develop her back cover blurb so that it was catchy and informative. The print edition was published via print-on-demand.

After the print edition was complete we converted the book to a fixed layout ebook that maintained the original layout, but allowing for the changes from print to ebook, such as adding in hyperlinks, and removing the internal bleed. The ebook was later released on Apple, Kobo, Google Play and Kindle.
...continue reading Through My Eyes: A Mother’s Guide From Baby

9781925427714Author: Jan Leader and Graeme Mitchell
Illustrator: Alice Ashby
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925427-71-4
Mobi ISBN:978-1-925427-72-1
Print ISBN: 978-1-925427-73-8
Ebook published date: 10 August 2016
Ebook available on:

About the project
We worked with Jan on a comprehensive edit before we moved ahead with the front cover, using one of the beautiful illustrations done by Alice Ashby. The book is a real-life story put into an engaging format for a younger audience (ages 6-10), so the cover needed to reflect that. We then continued the theme created by the cover to create the interior book layout. ...continue reading Anne Threw a Streamer: WW1

cover4--pxContributors: Gregory Czechura (author) Michelle Ryan (Editor) Gary Cranitch (Photographer)
Epub ISBN: 978-1-925271-41-6
Mobi ISBN: 978-1-925271-42-3
ibooks (enhanced) ISBN: 978-0-975111-66-6
Published date: 28 July 2015
Ebook available on:

About the project
This book was originally a print book that Qld Museum published, and this Corals section was only one chapter out of that book. Implementing our Ebook Designer's Touch™, we took the files that they gave us (which were more suited to a print layout) and we re-designed the pages so that the text was larger and the layout worked better for a Fixed Layout ebook. Once this was done, we converted the PDF we had created into a Fixed Layout epub and mobi with several cross-references throughout, linking pages to other pages etc. We also did some updating to the customer's existing iBooks file which was an enhanced version of the above ebook, ensuring that pages linked correctly and did some minor adjustments to text and images. Then we published the ibooks file, the epub and the mobi to the relevant vendors.
...continue reading The Great Barrier Reef – Corals (A Queensland Museum Discovery Guide)

cover_enhanced_9781925177282Contributors: Emma M Thomson (Author)

Enhanced ebook available on:
This book is no longer for sale.

About the project
Emma approached us with her completed manuscript and 14 workout instructional videos. She did not have her book designed for fixed layout ebook so we designed the book from scratch using our signature service Ebook Designer’s Touch™. We also designed the front cover using images supplied by Emma. We then converted her book to standard fixed layout epub and mobi. Once the standard version was approved we then converted an enhanced epub version containing her 14 supplied videos. Her book was distributed to all major vendors. ...continue reading The Baby as your Weight Workout

Author: Linda Carr
ISBN: 9781925029505
Ebook available:

About the project
Linda came to us with a ready made PDF of her book layout which she wanted converted to fixed layout epub and mobi files. The cover was already designed and the layout already created, so all we had to do was convert the book layout to an ebook for her.

She had some alterations to her original layout, specifically removing some graphics and some imperfections that had come about from being in a PDF and then she was happy with the result! ...continue reading The New Facilitators Handbook For Group Workshops

Contributors: Janelle Fisher
Ebook  ISBN: 9781925029499

Ebook available from:

About the Project
Janelle had already published her book in print, though at a size which was not conducive to displaying on devices. We consulted with Janelle to alter the dimensions of each page, combining two in to one and made sure they were a suitable size to fit comfortably on an ebook reading device.

Then it was simply a matter of making a fixed layout epub and mobi file out of the existing artwork. ...continue reading Indigo and the Mistletoe

 Dr Thomas Gunn (Author)

Ebook ISBN: 9780994233103

Ebook available on:

When this job was brought to us, it was in the form of an already created epub file. However, this file didn’t pass its basic validation and many errors in the code needed to be fixed up by us. We then created the mobi file from this and went on to aggregate on all major vendors except Apple, as the code created from this other publisher was not compatible with the iBookstore and we didn’t have the time or budget to fix it.

About the book

The Launceston Film Society prides itself on being the largest film society in Australia with a membership in excess of 1500 people.  Its beginnings though were a little less ostentatious.  It is this story that has been researched and written by Launceston historian Dr Thomas Gunn in the new book From Reel to Disc. Commissioned by the Film Society, Dr Gunn soon encountered a major stumbling point: no-one seemed to know when the Society actually started.  It was fortunate that many years ago a member of the committee had given the original minute book to the Launceston Library.  This was to provide the foundation for the initial research which was then carefully developed through oral histories and further research. The idea of a film society was not new; a number existed at various times in Launceston.  It was the Launceston Adult Education Film Society, established in 1958, that was to continue and exists today as the Launceston Film Society. The Society has survived a number of challenges and changes in our world: the introduction of television, of coloured television and of the video recorder.  But only just.  These were innovations that were the death knell of many film societies world-wide and indeed threatened the film and cinema industry itself. It is not exactly known how many films have been shown by the Society.  In the early days it was one a month.  Today they show over 40 films a year, each with four screenings at Village Cinemas. The films shown originate from around the globe and have covered numerous subjects and many genres.


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