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Contributors: Victoria Capper (Author)EbookCover
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-33-1
Print ISBN: 978-1-925271-49-2

About the project
This has been a long and rewarding project for both the author and Australian eBook Publisher. The customer first came to us with a manuscript for assessment. After the assessment, we completed a full line edit in December. In the new year we converted the manuscript into a reflowing mobi with our special Ebook Designer’s Touch™. During the ebook conversion process, the client took on our marketing services, to much success. We analysed her target market and genre and provided Victoria with a solid marketing plan, including a cover design brief. ...continue reading "Opal Ridge"

 Chris Pearce (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925177-61-9

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Project Information

This job was converted to mobi and epub using a customer supplied 90,000 word document. The book included over 100 illustrations which we optimised prior to embedding into the ebook. Once the ebooks were tested and approved by the customer, we then distributed them to all major vendors. Chris Pearce used our publishing services for another project titled A Weaver’s Web. It’s always great working with Chris and hope to hear back from him in the near future.
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Contributers: Karen Faulkner (Author)Baby_Massage_Magic_of_Touch1
Ebook ISBN: 9780992446925
Enhanced Ebook ISBN: 9780992446918
Ebook available on:
Enhanced Ebook available on:

About the project
We aggregated this ibooks author file to Apple for the customer, after making some adjustments to the iBooks Author (iba) file (including reducing the size of the video file within) we were supplied with so that it went through to Apple smoothly with the correct metadata and coding.

We went on to remove the video so that the book could be created as a regular reflowing ePub and Mobi, which could be read across all e-readers. We then aggregated the book to all the major vendors.

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Contributors: Milton James (Author)9781925271232-Perfect-NEW3.indd
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-23-2

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This book is no longer available for sale.


Project Information

This project involved book design for print from the supplied Word document. Along with formatting the text, we optimized the images for print and created captions. An entire book layout was created, using paragraph styles to ensure that consistency was reached. It was a complicated book as there was a large section with over 15 tables. Once the final files were approved, we then created print-ready pdfs and uploaded the files to our print-on-demand supplier.

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The Resilience Doughnut

Contributors: Lyn Worsley (Author)

Project Information

We converted this book from client-supplied pdfs. We then aggregated to the resellers.

Book 1: The Secret of Strong Kids

Ebook ISBN: 9781925271577

Ebook available on:

Book Information

Doughnut1This thoughtful, accessible, inspirational and well written book outlines a model that can provide ourselves and our children with the capacity to face, overcome and be transformed by adversity. In Seven bite size chunks, the Resilience Doughnut model represents the outside influences that build resilience in children and protect them from stress or adversity. The model is a helpful guide for parents, teachers counsellors and anyone caringly concerned with their health, wellbeing and success in life. This book has the potential to bring resilience into the common language of families.


The Resilience Doughnut has become a foundational ecological model of resilience used by practitioners all around Australia and is quickly spreading to other countries. The work of the Resilience Doughnut across a whole organisation builds student and/or staff awareness of the coping resources available and enhances a culture of resilience. To date the Resilience Doughnut has worked directly with schools and corporate and community organisations to build the resilience of young people, adults, staff and the community. The programs have shown an increase in resilience scores for all students, with those showing signs of anxiety and depression having the most to benefit over a long period of time. The key focus for these programs is to activate the strong and intentional connections in the community and existing relationships around each child.

Book 2: The Secret of Strong Adults

Ebook ISBN: 9781925271560

Ebook available on:

Book Information
Doughnut2Applying the principles of the Resilience Doughnut model promotes emotional resilience for employees in the workplace, young adults in transition, adults managing their mental health, and all adults going through life's inevitable challenges. In this ever changing world, the only constant is change, so enabling people to confidently cope with this inevitable change with a practical and usable model is refreshing. The model gives the reader an insight into their own resilience as well as provides them with ways to build on their strengths to help cope with the tough stuff.

The Resilience Doughnut has become a foundational ecological model of resilience used by practitioners all around Australia and is quickly spreading to other countries. The work of the Resilience Doughnut across a whole organisation builds staff awareness of the coping resources available and enhances a culture of resilience. Programs using the Resilience Doughnut model have been used with adults in mental health units, rehabilitation services and organisations to increase staff morale with success. Results show those who have significant positive intentional relationships also have high personal and social competence and subsequently report low anxiety and depression symptoms. From these studies Resilience Doughnut programs to enhance positive connections with purpose and meaning have been introduced in corporate and school staff.


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Contributors: Kaye Hollings (Author)

Project Information

This was an aggregation only project. We received the epub and mobi files from the customer and aggregated them as the publisher.


Book 1: Dawn of Hope

Ebook ISBN: 9781925271720

Ebook available on:

Book Information

9781925271713In Sydney, Australia, in the 21st century, it is still difficult to be different. Despite anti-discrimination and equal opportunity laws, there are social stigmas firmly in place and Toni is fighting for survival. Will her secret have to remain hidden forever? In her world of struggle and misunderstanding, she realizes she wants more from life. She wants love, an enduring relationship and a meaningful future. She takes us on a heart-warming journey through sadness and doubt, mirth and elation, to unknown possibilities. Dawn of Hope is about making life work, growing despite difficulties, and overcoming with faith, hope and love.


Book 2: Kept By Love

Ebook ISBN: 9781925271713

Ebook available on:

Book Information

KeptByLoveAs her perfect world begins to crumble, can Toni find strength to cope with dashed hopes and shattered emotions? For over a year she’s been basking in the warmth of being happily married and working in a new career she loves, but vulnerability and uncertainty are never far from the surface. She couldn’t know that someone unexpected would enter her life, revealing hidden secrets from the past, and neither was she prepared for established norms to irrevocably change and be tested. She begins to question life and belief. What did she have to contribute? Kept by Love journeys with Toni again through her laughter and tears as she tries to balance love and loss. She can lose herself in the fight to survive or discover what really matters in life.


Book 3: Shaped

Ebook ISBN: 9781925635683

Ebook available on:

Book Information


What shape is your soul? Who or what is shaping you now?

Once upon a time there was a young girl living with a mentally ill grandmother,with no self-esteem, no confidence, no purpose, and with a fierce dislike of psychiatric wards. Through it all she became a writer, a mental health chaplain and then a funeral director after a long, winding but exciting journey.

In her new book, Shaped, Kaye tells her story of being raw clay: moulded, fired in the kiln of life, reworked, re-fired, fashioned and glazed. Come with her for a stroll around the pottery workshop. Are you on the wheel, resisting being sandpapered or enjoying the design phase?

Shaped retraces her steps, helping you to potentially discover your own revealed path, emerge from life’s confusing maze, and find yourself in the safe hands of the Divine Potter.

'Read Shaped in one night. Couldn't put it down. What a beautiful, sad, inspiring story! Congratulations on everything you have achieved and become. Thank you for sharing your story with me and the world.' RH



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Contributors: Dr Eddie Price

Project Information

When the customer first got in touch with us, he supplied us with 3 existing ePub ebook files which were previously converted by another company. The ebooks contained many images and graphs which were of very low quality and recommended that these images get redone. The customer approved our proposal, we then scanned, optimised and encoded approximately 126 images across 3 ebooks. We also converted these to mobi format. Once the customer was happy with the final conversions, we distributed them to all major vendors. It was a pleasure working with Dr Eddie Price and colleague James Benjamin and hope to hear from them again in the near future.


Book 1: Health Outcomes

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-34-8

Ebook available on:


Book Information

HealthOutcomesAlthough published in 1985, this book is particularly relevant today, with the major move to Health Outcomes.

Utilising delightful doctor/patient encounters, taken from his own clinical experience, Dr Price discovers the real objective of the patients attendance at the GP.

He discovers that only 10% of medical encounters are aimed at “saving lives” or increasing the life expectancy.

That 40% are actually aimed at increasing the patient “Health-Related Quality of Life” or their Functional Health Status.

So, what about the other 50%?

To his surprise, he finds that as much as 30% of these services are intended to “Relieve Distress” or gaining reassurance, whilst the residual 20%, are or should be, preventive services or health promoting services.

In 1985, other than life expectancy, the other 90% of healthcare services’ effectiveness were not being measured.

Dr Price noted that these could only be measured at that time by quantified questionnaires to the patient.

The Appendix sets out one such questionnaire developed by, and first used by, Dr Price in 1980.

The final chapter, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, highlights solutions, as documented in this 1985 book, and now, with internet enablement, even more readily-implementable in 2015.

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Book 2: Supramedicine

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-35-5

Ebook available on:

Book Information
coverOver the years from 1985 to 1997, there were significant developments in the Health Outcomes movement, as well as in science with the development of “Systems Theory”.

Systems Theory became modern science by 1997 and was now no longer viewing nature as separate objects or things, but as a hierarchy of interdependent systems.

Nature is divided into a hierarchy of systems, above and below the individual. All of these systems influence the individual and the individual’s health. Those above the individual, in hierarchical order, are communities, family, and the person’s environment, nutrition and behaviours.

Systems below the individual human body, in top down order are, the cardiovascular, neurological, respiration, etc systems, organs, tissues and cells. These are known as subsystems.

This highlights that there are systems above the human body, called Suprasystems.

Dr Price, by applying Systems Theory to human health, pointed out that current medicine almost exclusively dealt with the subsystems of the human body.

By 1997, excellent validated and reliable patient-reported questionnaires, known as Health Outcomes, were being used in research at the individual patient level to measure a person’s functional health status or “Health-Related Quality of Life” (HRQoL).

Some of these quantified questionnaires were more accurate than blood pressure measurement.

There were many thousands of excellent generic (general health) as well as body part-specific measures.

Dr Price realised that the techniques used to achieve valid and reliable measures for HRQoL could now be used to measure the individual’s health systems “above the human body” - the “SUPRA” systems.

This would include “measures of family/community support and the person’s interrelationship with the health system”.

This was previously termed as “relieving distress”.

In this book, it is now defined as “A person’s confidence that care and comfort is available in times of illness”.

It would also include measures of a person’s diet, environment, behaviours, e.g. smoking and alcohol; and i.e. their risk factors or their lack of preventive and health promotive behaviours and interrelationships.

These are all suprasystems or systems above the individual that can now be measured in each individual patient.

In utilising these tools in his own preventive occupational health practice, Dr Price realised these were really a new set of Diagnostic Tools. These in turn would lead to a new set of lifestyle functional treatments that should have revolutionised, and still will revolutionise, medicine.

Hence the title and sub-title “Supramedicine". From "Health Outcomes" to "Outcomes Medicine”.

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Book 3: So You Think Medicine is Modern

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-36-2

Ebook available on:


Book Information

9781925271362Disappointed by the lack of uptake in the utilisation of Health Outcomes into routine day-to-day medical practice, Dr Price was confronted by the objection that as these measures were patients’ responses to questions – they were “subjective” and therefore not good science. Medicine, said the doctors, was based in science, which was objective.

This made no sense to Dr Price, who considered himself an advocate for scientific medicine.

He vowed to find the science that would prove that “Outcomes Medicine” was not only based on good science but the latest science.

This led him on a journey from Systems Theory to Quantum Mechanics, to Dissipative Structures, to Einstein and e = mc2. He read about fractals, Mandelbrot, and the work of the world-famous Santa Fe Institute set up by “particle physics” Nobel Prize Winner, Murray Gell-Mann, which developed the latest science – Complexity Science.

Dr Price concluded that the human body is a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) and realised that there was an additional in-between “state of matter” between solid and fluid.

This, he called “SOPHTID”, the mnemonic for (S)Second (O)Order (PH)Phase (T)Transition (ID)Identity, a state which enables fractals and power laws to come about or emerge.

Dr Price further contended this was a “functional” state that not only was consistent with Health Outcomes “functional” measurements, but enabled information generation and with the aid of the solid and fluid parts of the cell, information processing or cognition.

Dr Price’s hypothesis on the SOPHTID state has now been supported by Longo & Montévil in their 2014 book, Perspectives on Organisms, where they call this “SOPHTID state”, Extended Critically.

Thus, with this scientific backing, “Outcomes Medicine” is now best called “Complexity Medicine”, and is backed by the latest science.

It enables a new form of Digitised Medicine that will revolutionise healthcare improving Health Outcomes and drastically reducing costs.

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 Philippa Anderson, Sophie Loras and John Ross
Ebook ISBN: 9781925177930

This Ebook is no longer available.

Project Information

Swann Global already had a copy of this book in print and came to us to turn their book into a reflowing eBook format while maintaining the look and feel of the original.

This was done by taking the design elements of the printed book and rethinking them with a view on how they would work in a reflowing format—we also had to maintain the consistency in the layout regarding the many images.

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TwoDogsInBondiContributors: Therese Waters (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925177-89-3
Print ISBN: 978-1-925177-90-9

About the project

This project included converting a customer supplied pdf manuscript to standard fixed layout epub and mobi plus an enhanced fixed layout epub to be distributed to Apple. The customer supplied us with an mp3 audio file which was embedded into the enhanced version as media overlay (audio narration attached to text). All illustrations including the front cover were supplied by the customer. We optimised all supplied images to ensure the file size of the final ebook wasn’t too large but were of good quality. Once the customer approved the all conversions, we then distributed it to all major vendors.

Additional to ebook conversion and distribution, we also set-up and uploaded print ready PDFs to our Print on Demand.

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