Julz’s Kitchen: A bit of this and a dash of that

Contributors: Julie Clark Higson (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925271195
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About the project
Julie brought her book to us here at Australian eBook Publisher as a Word Document. It required redesigning, for which we employed eBook Designers Touch ©, though we kept the book to Julies specifications and kept her involved in every level of design.

We converted the file from a word document to a reflowing ePub and Mobi file for all major vendors.

About the book
"Julz's Kitchen" is a cookbook designed as a laid back approach to cooking. A bit of this and a dash of that means exactly that! Most people add more of an ingredient or sauce to a recipe to their desired taste, so this book is all about your own measurements for taste. It is also designed to be pantry friendly and easy to cook but not boring, so you wont find any "fancy" ingredients in this book, just plain wholesome exciting cooking. Let me talk you through a recipe like being told how to do it instead of confusing methods. The book is designed to get everyone motivated to try something new and exciting.

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