9781925516821_CoverAuthor: Family Planning NSW
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About the project
We used the customer-supplied pdf to begin the ebook conversion process for this project, and there were many aspects in the original printed design which had to be adjusted in order to suit a reflowing format. There were some content changes to be made to the ebook throughout as well as particular attention paid to ensuring all tables worked and were able to be double tapped and zoomed in on as many devices as possible. It was important for this one to look good in ADE due to the main clientele being on this system, so we needed to do extensive checking in this software and make changes to the coding in order to make it work. Once the conversion process was complete we moved on to create a published ebook.

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Stephen Thompson (Edited by)

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About the project
Australian eBook Publisher set up the print layout files in InDesign, so it was all done with the ebook conversion in mind. It was a simple process to create the ePub and mobi file and load them to Amazon and Apple. ...continue reading Mythic Resonance

Cover_NOP_V2.inddContributors: Paul Henderson (author), Thomas Gibbs (Illustrator)
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-9924156-2-4
Print ISBN: 978-0-9924156-3-1
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About the book
What does it mean to be human? How does a Christian’s response to this question affect how they integrate faith with all of life? What about our understanding and acceptance of others – the different, disabled and disaffected in our communities? Paul Henderson explores the complexities of these questions, engaging biblical figures and historical thinkers in a way that deepens and broadens our thinking. As we read, we are gently guided to reflect on our own identity and vocation. This book will challenge what you create for this world and how you create it. Character, truth, desire, creativity, innovation, reason and beauty are woven together in a study on a fundamental theological theme - the image of God. No Ordinary People is no ordinary book.

About the Project

The team at Australian eBook Publisher was responsible for the entire production of this slick printed book and ebook. We began by sourcing quotes and project managing the entire print project. Through our print procurement service we were able to get high quality book printing done at an affordable price.

We designed the front cover using one of the beautiful illustrations from Thomas Gibbs. Then we typeset and designed the interior of the book.

After the printing part of the project was complete, we then began the ebook conversion, keeping the design in the ebook as close as possible to the print layout.

We finished up by organising ebook distribution, while our customer will handle all printed book sales.

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