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We converted this book from a supplied Word document and used the existing cover. It was an extremely straightforward job and it was a pleasure to work with Kevin. Taming the Black Dog looks to be a very heartfelt book which will touch many lives with its raw honesty and depth.

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The book details the impact of suffering and loss as a result of a family tragedy and details how the father involved dealt with depression and tamed Churchill’s black dog. While there are no easy solutions and there is no such thing as closure, the book affirms a positive view of life and the ability to overcome adversity.

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Kevin Donnelly

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This book was converted to epub and mobi from a client-supplied PDF. There were 40 cross references and a couple of tables within the content of the book, and the cover didn’t need to be designed. As this book was designed for print initially, it was already a well laid out book so it converted nicely to the ebook format without any dramas at all.

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The late 1960s and early 1970s weren’t only about Woodstock, flower power and Vietnam moratoriums: at the same time that feminism, multiculturalism and victim politics emerged, the ‘cultural warriors’ of the left decided that the quickest way to change society was to take the long march through the education system.

The result of these ‘culture wars’? Competition and rewarding merit is replaced by the notion that everyone succeeds; black armband history teaches students to feel guilty about the past; and the 3 Rs are re-badged as ‘reconciliation, the republic and refugees’. Out the window go classic subjects and tried-and-tested teaching methods and in come ‘outcomes-based education’, ‘whole language’, ‘fuzzy maths’ and an English syllabus which puts Big Brother and Australian Idol on the same stage as Shakespeare.

Ultimately, our kids are short-changed and have little opportunity to study history or literature in a systematic or balanced way. And while the truancy rate soars, academic standards plummet.

Dumbing Down provides a blueprint for the future: acclaimed education expert Dr Kevin Donnelly outlines a system based on a liberal/humanist approach, where the focus is on education, not indoctrination and where students are taught to think independently. Shocking and enlightening, Dumbing Down is essential reading for anyone concerned about how we can strengthen our education system and safeguard the nation’s future.

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