Stephen Judd, Anne Robinson, Felicity Errington (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9780987582805

What we did:
This was a conversion only project where we converted a customer supplied PDF to ePub and mobi formats. The conversion process was relatively smooth sailing as the manuscript included no complex formatting.

About the book

If charities lose their way, the very fabric of society is at risk, and as authors Dr Stephen Judd, Anne Robinson and Felicity Errington contend, “The time for Australian charities to revive, renovate or re-engineer their who and why is now.”

Driven by purpose presents a unique opportunity to look inside the world of charities we all know and love, whether it’s the local sporting club, a celebrity charity or the household names to which we donate every year.

Driven by purpose provides practical analysis and expert advice on how charities across the globe can be highly effective, purpose-driven organisations.

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