Mark Bowme (Author)

The client was after a fixed layout epub conversion to be used for client presentations which is what we produced within a short period of time. We received the pdf manuscript which contained all contents of the book including the cover. We worked with multiple images during the conversion phase and produced a successful result for our client.

Book Information

The biennial Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) Public Domain Awards are a celebration of great urban design and construction in Australia.

Specifically, the Awards recognise the role played by concrete in enhancing our streetscapes, parks and public precincts, bridges and transport corridors.

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Contributors: Dave Murphy (Author)

Ebook no longer available   

About the project:
We converted this hand-illustrated children’s picture book from pdf to fixed layout epub and mobi. This book contains illustrations on every page which were designed by the Author, Dave Murphy. All images were optimised to keep the size of the ebook versions down but retain high image quality. Once we got the green light from the customer, we then distributed the ebooks to Amazon and Apple. It was a pleasure working with Dave and we hope to hear from him again in the near future. ...continue reading I Like My Dog

Roz Townsend (Author)

Ebook available on:

This book was converted from pdf format to fixed layout epub. Even though this project was pretty straightforward, we had to work with quite a few images. When working with high resolution images we have to ensure that we keep the highest possible quality but optimise the images as much as possible to keep the file size down.

Book Information

This book gives a great insight into the words we use and the language we need in the world to bring a greater level of peace on the planet with everyone included.

Roz Townsend is an international best-selling speaker, author and trainer. She is committed to a new awareness of communication which is inclusive and moves us forward as a species.

“... how wonderful it would be if you can create such language as you mentioned in your book. ..this book made me think things on a complete different dimension.”

– Fudeko Reekie, Japanese Order of the Emperial Sun.

“A practical, quick and easy to read reframing of language. Enabling and empowering communication and leading to enhanced relationships.”

– Myrna Lewis, Deep Democracy the Lewis method, South Africa.

“Easy-to-read thought provoking little gem, simple yet profound. Written by an expert in communication with a wealth of awareness and knowledge”

– Lynora Brooke, Executive Coach & Mentor, Facilitator, Conflict Management Coach, Mediator, Australia.

“ interesting set of meditations on the impact of words on how we think about peace and conflict... a very hopeful and constructive way of looking at the challenges we face and how we can get beyond the limitations we impose on ourselves by the language we use.”

– Bernie Mayer, Professor of Dispute Resolution Werner Institute, Creighton University and Professor of the Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies University Notre, Dame, USA.

“Kaleidoscopically accessible wisdom. Great book club material bringing mindfulness to language and the world we describe and create.”

– Ashley Limbury, Mediator, Coach and Conflict Management Specialist, Australia.

“..definitely one of those bright ideas that give you hope for the future...”

– Bill Zhu, Executive Director, H. H. Liu Education Foundation, Shanghai, China

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Contributors: Steve Yinfoo (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925177930

About the Project

Aussie Insights was converted to a fixed layout eBook from photos and quotes supplied by the customer. The photos supplied by the customer were high quality images and optimisation was necessary to reduce the overall file size. Once we converted the ebook, we loaded the files to Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Google. ...continue reading Aussie Insights

John Fisher (Author)

Ebook available on:
This title is no longer available.  

The pdf manuscript supplied by the customer didn’t have live text so we first OCR’d the book before doing the conversion. This book was converted to a fixed layout enhanced ebook where we included an embedded audio voice over which reads out aloud as the reader flips through the book. We also distributed the ebook to all 4 major vendors.

Book Information

Captain Sean Fisher orders his crew to abandon ship. Only his first mate and close fried disobeys,together both men prepare to go down with HMAS Daffodil. Little do they realise that another naval officer is on board. Admiral Pip, a courageous and energetic mouse who has no time for pessimists.

Other Books by John Fisher: Saddle Bag Preacher

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Alan Campbell (author)
Nina Apostle(author)

About the project
This was a reasonably straightforward conversion project, using the pdf files that we were supplied with and creating a fixed layout book. We worked with the customer to get the type and images looking good so that the book worked on multiple devices, rather than just focusing on one type of device. We then distributed it on Apple, Kobo, Amazon and Google. We are pleased with how the finished product looks. ...continue reading Fairy Dell

Contributor: Hema Maps

About the project
4WD + Camping Escapes - South East Queensland was already a printed book when Hema Maps approached us to convert it into an ebook. While consulting with them we decided that this book would look best as a fixed layout. The book has a massive number of images and tables, footnotes, and map cross-references that had to carry through successfully to the ebook. When the book was converted we then assisted Hema Maps to distribute the ebook on their website ...continue reading 4WD + Camping Escapes – South East Queensland

Contributors: Craig Reid, Justin Marshall, Dave Logan, Diana Kleine (Author)

Ebook available on:

This project from the University of Queensland's Coral Watch projectinvolved converting a richly-designed 263-page book to fixed layout ePub. It was designer Diana Kleine's vision to also enhance the ebook version with video files. We set about recreating the layout for ePub, testing on our devices and working with Diana to create the right interface and user experience for playing the embedded videos. Once the final draft was approved, we then distributed their eBook to the Apple iTunes store. It was great working with Diana and we are glad that the Coral Reefs and Climate Change ebook turned out to be such a fantastic product!

Book Information

Coral Reefs and Climate Change focuses on coral reefs, the astonishing abundance of life within them and the impacts of climate change on this beautiful environment. This book provides an accessible and thorough overview of oceanography, coral biology and reef ecology, climate change, and practical approaches to conservation.  Beautifully illustrated, it brings the latest in coral reef science to students, enthusiasts and the general public.  This book provides readers with the knowledge and inspiration to help ensure a future for our reefs.

Special feature: 7 short videos embedded - bringing concepts from the book to life!





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Contributors: Warren Byrnes (Author), Steve Byrnes (Editor)

About the project

This ebook project consisted of editing, conversion to an enhanced ebook (audio media overlay) and distribution. After the editing phase was approved by the customer, we converted the final manuscript to a fixed layout ebook. It included quality illustrations supplied by the customer and media overlay integration of a professional voice recording that highlights text as it reads. We then distributed the ebook files to Amazon, Apple, Google and Kobo. It was great working with Steve and hope to hear from him in the future.

This book is no longer available for sale ...continue reading The Adventures of Sammy the Sleeper: Sammy Saves the Day

Contributors: W. Blower (Author)
Ebook available on:

About the project

Glen Holman, a talented member of our team, illustrated Corporate Survival then converted it to ePub and mobi. We then aggregated it to major ebook vendors. We also designed a website for the author and provided some marketing services.

About the book
The Pocket Guide offers a view of corporate life which is honest, funny and refreshingly different. It is essential reading for anyone working for or thinking of joining a large company or multinational. It will lead you through the corporate minefield to career success.

You begin as a new recruit and end as an established business leader. As you make this journey, you learn about the real role of Human Resources (the KGB of corporate life), how to manage your workload (without becoming a 24/7 employee) and are warned about the personal qualities and behaviours (such as courage, integrity and initiative) which may lead to career failure.

On the way you are introduced to office politics, the management class system, a new corporate language (with real meanings provided), and the best way to manage your sex life at company conferences. The importance of socialising and networking is considered.

The Guide contrasts the lofty goals of organisational visions, values and mission statements with the tawdry realities of business life and the cynical disbelief of employees. For the first time in print, the real purpose of corporate policies and procedure is explained as well as the difficulty of working with human beings rather than robots.

You learn about the art of appearing to make decisions without actually doing so and how to survive in the labyrinth of a multinational matrix management structure.

Finally, there are a few serious words in the last chapter as food for thought.

"A witty insider exposes the fake gloss of corporate life while sharply separating the smart from the stupid. HR be scared!"

Glenn Daniel. Nova Entertainment (Glenn Daniel is a well known Sydney radio journalist and winner of 2014 Best News Presenter (FM Metro) award as well as 2014 Brian White Memorial Award)

"A highly entertaining and in many instances factual stroll through Corporate Life. A must read for all current and budding Corporate Executives especially those with their eyes on the top HR role"

J.T. (A retired senior executive)

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