Myra and the Magic Motorcycle: The Business in BermudaContributors: Amanda Greenslade (Author), Glen Holman (Illustrator)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925271-61-4
Enhanced Ebook ISBN: 
Print Book ISBN: 
Audio Book ISBN: 978-1-925635-26-3
U.S. Print Book ISBN: 978-1-925029-47-5
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About the project
Myra and the Magic Motorcycle is Amanda Greenslade's, the director of Australian eBook Publisher, debut children's book. After the book was written Amanda coordinated the editing and the illustrations, which were done digitally by Glen Holman.

Amanda then arranged audio narration recording, purchased sound effects, did the printed book design layout, designed the cover, designed the non-enhanced and enhanced ebook editions and coordinated publishing. Amanda and the team at are currently still working on the marketing for Myra, on a shoestring budget.

Unlike most children's books that are designed for print and then the ebook edition may not work very well at e-reader or tablet size, we started with the iPad dimensions in mind. We asked ourselves what was the best way to present a children's book on the iPad. We later made the print edition.

For more on these ebook design decisions, you may be interested in the video recorded by Amanda here.

Some time after the original release of the book, we worked on an audiobook version of Myra and the Magic Motorcycle. The audiobook was narrated by Kelly Stroud and Caitlin Stroud. Once the files met Audible specifications, it was released for sale.

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Colin Vickery (Author)

Ebook available on:
This book is no longer for sale.

This book was converted to a standard (reflowing) ebook. The decision was made to do reflowing, not fixed layout, so that people could easily read the book on smaller devices. It was a lovely, clean design to begin with and care was taken to ensure that this clean look translated well to a reflowing ebook. We then distributed the book through our usual resellers.

About the book

Om is an art-based self-help book which is designed to encourage optimism and well-being. It works in three ways—through special meditative artworks (Oms) as well as titles and sayings.

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Peter Lloyd (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-925029-76-5

Ebook available on:

What we did:

Peter came to us late 2013 with a PDF he wanted converted into an ebook. We decided then that the best way to share his book would be in a fixed layout ebook. The reason for this was that there was an extensive number of tables and the layout of each word and symbol had to sit a certain way.

We recommended to Peter to increase the type size of his PDF to make it easier to read on a tablet (especially when we know some don’t allow zooming). In the following months, Peter returned to us an updated PDF. Using this layout we converted it to a fixed layout ebook. After tweaking it we released it on vendors using Peter’s supplied cover.

Late in 2014 Peter came back to us with some changes to his book. We followed the same process and re-released it on vendors in December.

About the book

This book introduces the twelve chord progressions which make music work and a unique system of chord substitution which adds colour and expression. Cyclic progressions and modulation from key to key are explained in full. The music theory is demonstrated with hundreds of musical examples and numerous composition exercises.

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H.G. (Author)
Ebook ISBN: 9781925177930

Ebook available on:

What we did:

This book was supplied as a Word document originally. First of all, this book was edited by one of our experienced editors. We then did the full design of the book—including the front cover—optimising all images, designing all type and each element on the page before doing a full layout proof. We then converted it to a Fixed Layout ebook.

Links were not only made within the Table of Contents, but also within the book as there were many mini TOCs which needed to be linked to the individual recipes. We are quite proud of this book as it is a perfect example of a project that we worked on from start to finish, ending up with a nicely designed and easy to follow cook book.

About the book

Looking after yourself doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste and flavour. These days, there is a vast range of delicious healthy ingredients that can be made into a satisfying and nutritious meal with a little inspiration. In My Healthy Appetite, I will show you how you can really enjoy food that's good for you. This cookbook has 61 recipes that are all healthy and tasty, high in nutrients and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Healthy eating doesn't mean you can't enjoy desserts. I have included Naughty Sweet Taste-Buds with 10 desserts and sweets to help satisfy those tastebuds! The choice of healthy recipes includes:

  • Rise & shine its breakfast time
  • Quick Lunch
  • Easy Dinner Ideas
  • Vegetarian
  • Baking
  • Naughty Sweet Taste Buds
  • Juices & Smoothies

With simple step-by-step instructions, and a full-colour photograph and nutritional breakdown to accompany each recipe, you can cook nourishing food with complete confidence.

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Contributors: Tony Lopes (Author)
Insanity Streak: 978-1-925177-41-1
Odd Streak: 978-1-925177-42-8

Insanity Streak: Available on:
This book is no longer for sale.

Odd Streak: Available on:
This book is no longer for sale.

What we did:

Insanity-Streak-innerTony came to us with a PDF of a compilation of his comic strip, which had already been created as a print book. However there was a small twist in that the title of the book was different in the UK and only in the UK. We took the PDF as well as the amendments that needed to be made in order to change the title from Insanity Streak to Odd Streak and converted them both separately.

Throughout the process Tony needed a couple of cartoons replaced with others that he supplied.

We turned this PDF in to 2 separate fixed layout ePub and mobi KF8 files that we then aggregated on the major vendors.

About the book

Odd-Streak-innerPeer inside the wandering mind of award winning cartoonist Tony Lopes to witness his hilariously funny comic, Insanity Streak. Tony Lopes' legion of fans (well, perhaps pluralising the word "fans" is taking some liberties) will love this first, truly comprehensive collection of Insanity Streak. If up until now you haven't seen Insanity Streak, then you're not alone - over a billion people are yet to -but once you do, you're sure to be addicted to this laugh-out-loud comedy chaos.

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Contributors: Natalie Prigoone (Author)

About the project
Natalie brought her manuscript for The Great Uncooking along with a large number of photos she had taken on her iPhone.

We proofread the manuscript, designed the cover and interior of the book, providing each page with a stylish and unique look that complemented the recipes perfectly. This was a highly technical use of our Ebook Designer's Touch™, and we are incredibly proud of the design that we created (scroll to the bottom for some pictures of the original manuscript and our design). This included several custom graphics, backgrounds and hand drawn illustration.

We then converted the manuscript to a fixed layout ePub and interactive PDF version.

Natalie distributed this book herself, and you can find it on iBooks here.
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TristanComic-Cover.225x225-75Contributors: Zadoc (Author)

Ebook no longer available

About the project:
This project included conversion from a client supplied 64 page comic to a fixed layout ebook. Each page included a comic strip image containing speech bubbles. We ensured the text within the speech bubbles were converted to live text so that they can be selected and searchable. We then validated and distributed the ebook to Apple, Google Play and Kobo.
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Fiona Olney-Fraser

What we did:

we-love-the-zoo-innerWe converted the client supplied layout files into a fixed layout ebook and then aggregated it to Apple, Amazon, Kobo and Google Play.


We Love the Zoo is a First Reader for 4 and 5 year olds about a colourful Zoo where one of the animal friends, namely Monkey, lends his best toy to his good friend Elephant who promptly loses it! Monkey gets all his friends together to help him find it, and in the process they find themselves in a cave that is very dark and scary. They overcome their fear, find Monkey's toy, and make a new friend too. Simple vocabulary on every page for beginner readers.

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Contributors: Alan Campbell (Author)

The Bromley Bear Series
bromley-to-the-rescueThe Adventures of Bromley Bear Series

We converted this delightful children’s book series from the print layout to fixed layout epub and mobi (KF8). The KF8 version required some rearranging because of the fact that you cannot zoom in to make text more readable on a Kindle Fire. The Bromley Bear children’s series will delight children bromleys-snowy-mountain-holidayand being in convenient ebook form it can be read away from home, or anywhere you take your ebook reading device!

Additional to the conversion and distribution of "The Bromley Bear Series", Alan used our website design/developement service to produce his website. You can check it out here:

bromley-is-shipwreckedBook Information

Photographic action adventure for young children.
The unique "Adventures of Bromley Bear" series was a publishing sensation, mainly because Bromley is more than a bear with a name. He has experienced the dangers, joys and fun of living an adventurous life.
Bromley Bear is the Indiana Jones of the bear world. With his best friends Skye, the bromley-in-the-rainforestmagic flying unicorn and feisty little Koala.

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