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September/October 2014 AEP Newsletter

Exciting Times Ahead

A note from director, Amanda Greenslade:

Royalties Dashboard

We will soon be launching the customer back-end log in to our royalties database. Our Royalties Dashboard will feature a handy place for all of our ebook distribution customers to view their ebook sales data. This will be as up-to-date as possible (as soon as we get the information we will load it in here so you can see it as well) and will show things like how many copies were sold on which vendors, in which territories. Keep an eye on your inbox before the end of the year for how to obtain your username and password for the Royalties Dashboard.

Christmas Rush

The window of opportunity to get books released before Christmas is starting to close. In traditional publishing, this window has well and truly passed, but in the more flexible and dynamic field of self-publishing (especially of ebooks) it is still possible to get something released in time for Christmas if you act NOW! For ebook-only projects, the deadline for starting a book you want up for sale by 1 December is just six weeks away, 1 October. Get your project started now to avoid disappointment.


Free vendor upload to Barnes & Noble NOOK

Start your conversion and distribution project with Australian eBook Publisher this September or October and you can have your reflowing ebook loaded FREE to Barnes & Noble NOOK. This is normally charged at $45 +GST.

Over the past few months we have started working with US book selling giant, Barnes & Noble and their ebook platform NOOK. Fixed layout ebooks can be loaded to NOOK, but require a different workflow and format to other vendors, that work with fixed layout ePub, iBooks Author or mobi (KF8). To discuss Nook or fixed layout with an expert, please phone me on 07 3345 1415 and I'll be happy to assist you.

Existing aggregation customers are also welcome to request that their ebook be loaded to NOOK. This will be done free-of-charge if your ebook has been selling already in the USA, on other vendors, at least 20 copies per month for two months.

How to create the best cover for your ebook

Your cover is the first thing a prospective buyer of your book will see. And they will see it at thumbnail size as they browse through the ebook vendor’s store. First thing’s first. You should design your cover using professional design software like Adobe Photoshop. Microsoft Paint is an amateur program that will not produce quality artwork that does justice to the book you have spent a long time writing/developing.

Second, considering that the size of your cover will be displayed at a size often not much bigger than a postage stamp, bear in mind the size of your text and imagery. Keep your cover uncluttered and simple. Don’t have long complicated subtitles or marketing information, as they will not be readable until after the book is purchased, even then it may not be.

Third, ask a professional. A professional designer will know the best ways to display images and text using the right software and tools. Contact Australian eBook Publisher if you would like some help with your cover design.

Amazon Versus Hachette

You might have heard that there’s a bit of a debate going on between Amazon and Hachette about ebook pricing. Amazon believes all ebooks should be priced at $9.99 or less while Hachette believes that they should be able to price their ebooks higher or lower than that depending on the author and the book. Both sides of the story have merit, and it’s getting ever increasingly complicated. Read Hachette’s side here, and Amazon’s side here.

Self-published authors account for 31% of Amazon ebook sales

If this is true, it’s really good news for self-published authors. We know, of course, how important self-publishing is to the book industry. Books that would once never have seen the eyes of readers are now being downloaded in the thousands. For more on this, see the source.

Don’t Listen to Everything you Hear

A study has recently come out saying that people who read print books retain more information than people who read the ebook editions. There will always be people trying to explain away the positive benefits of digital books using whatever means necessary. This particular study did not have a good range nor a good number of participants to accurately make this statement. This article from Forbes has more information.


What do the Bosses Really Want?
(Conversion, Distribution )
Author: James Evangelidis

The book is all about what CEOs, MDs & business owners really want from accountants, lawyers, consultants and others who sell them advice.

The Complete Obstacle Conditioning Program
(Conversion, Distribution)
Author: True Grit Concepts Pty Ltd

Designed by Ex Australian Special Forces, Event Directors and PT professionals, this comprehensive book will prepare you for your next mud run or obstacle challenge. From a 5 week program, nutrition guide and what to wear, this program has it all!

Aussie Insights
(Fixed Layout Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Steve Yinfoo

This book has been created to uplift the spirit of the reader due to the current world we are in. Too often this world sometimes seems too much to cope with and it gets you down.

Allow yourself to be immersed in photographer, Anne Yinfoo’s beautiful artistic photos and quotes that her friends and family have enjoyed for years.

Sarah Fletcher Transported
(Cover Design, Ebook Designer’s Touch™, Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Peter Kelly

Sarah Fletcher’s life story is spiced with anecdotes of local identities: Ikey Solomon (the original Fagin), Jorgen Jorgenson (‘the King of Iceland’), ‘Blind Freddy’ Pottinger—characters that show the light and dark sides of colonial times.

Drug War
(Ebook Designer’s Touch™, Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Sam Walker

When the daughter of a senior police officer is abducted and brutally gang-raped in Australia’s Snowy Mountains, it’s the final straw for some highly-trained Vietnam veterans. The vigilantes hire an expert killer, and he’s very bad for the health of the drug lords. Top bosses start losing their heads in broad daylight. Fear grips Sydney’s underworld. But when the going gets tough, the tough get serious. The drug war is on.

Fixed Layout Ebook Conversion

Most ebooks that you see every day are reflowing ebooks. The text can be enlarged and reduced depending on your preferred reading method. However, there is another style. A fixed layout ebook has a fixed page design, giving the designer complete control over what is on the screen at any given time. It is often ideal for conversion of printed books that are image-heavy, design-rich or contain highly complex layout with tables, side boxes, etc. Fonts and text styles are maintained regardless of whether these can usually be coded using HTML or XML (website languages).

Here’s a video our director, Amanda Greenslade, made to explain the differences between the two types of ebooks: http://youtu.be/eonQhC-Ze0A

If you have a book that isn’t going to look just right as a reflowing ebook, perhaps a fixed layout ebook is a good alternative. Contact us today for professional advice on fixed layout versus reflowing ebooks and we can get started converting your book to ebook right away!

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