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The Australian eBook Publisher Royalties Dashboard is here!


Our brand new Royalties Dashboard provides our authors the opportunity to see their sales and royalties earned, in real time, in a user-friendly online database.

We are a small Australian business, and this unique, customised system we have developed puts us on a par with large US ebook aggregators. We put our authors first, and this is one of the reasons our customers love working with us rather than one of the many faceless multinational corporations that provide DIY options for self-publishing.

As you can imagine, we’re very proud of this Dashboard and the potential it has to help authors grow and become independent.

From top left: Nicole, Sharnai, Amanda, Julia, Rob & Glen

Our Royalties Dashboard is an invaluable tool for Australian authors.

The raw unformatted data that ebook vendors usually supply to self-published authors is confusing and complicated.

Traditionally published authors get the exact opposite. Instead of a whole host of confusing information they are left in the dark. Those who do get a cheque now and then will not usually be given any information about where their book has sold, nor how many copies. While at the same time, these authors are expected to do their own marketing, with no direct way of checking the local response to their efforts. It’s a new era, and self-publishing of ebooks and print on demand is a significant new way for authors to take control of their career.

We have created our Royalties Dashboard to simplify all this. Our Dashboard matches sales data with bank deposits and presents the royalties payable based on net receipts. All available in a simple and easy to read format. This means that authors can see when sales were made and how many, providing insights into their book/s that was before unavailable. So far, it can handle data from the six vendors we work with:

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Kobo
  • Google Play & Google Books
  • Barnes & Noble's NOOK
  • IngramSpark (which we use only for print-on-demand)

Royalties Dashboard is free for Australian eBook Publisher customers.

The best news is that access to this dashboard is not an ‘extra’ for Australian eBook Publisher customers. It comes included with all of our aggregation contracts.

Some comments from customers:

“I think the royalties dashboard is terrific. It's very motivating [because] I can see what a big difference there was in my sales when I was doing marketing for my books. The information is simply set out and it only took a moment for me to see the information I needed. … The dashboard has provided me with great encouragement!” Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan, author of the Polly Possum children’s books

"It is awesome!” Warren Shan, author of Abandoned

"Looks excellent.” David Horne from TAFE South Australia

How do I get access?

To get access to the Australian eBook Publisher Royalties Dashboard, simply send us an email to info@australianebookpublisher.com.au

Learn more

By visiting our Royalties Dashboard webpage.

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