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November/December 2014 AEP Newsletter

The end of the year is such an exciting time for us! People are getting inspired in the lead up to Christmas. The New Year is approaching and it is a great time to get those manuscripts out of the ol' C drive and think about using them to make some residual income.

I often find myself saying to customers, "You've done 95% of the work. You're almost there! Your book is finished. Now you just need a little bit of help to get it across the line and released for sale as an ebook."

We talk to a lot of business people who are using books and ebooks to boost their position in their industry, be seen as an authority in their field. And business people approach book projects in a completely different way to writers. If you want to make wise and informed choices about your career as a published author I highly recommend joining your local writers centre and going to events or joining in online communities of writers. The problem these days is not lack of information but information overload. Having other people you can get to know and turn to with specific questions could be the difference between going for broke and going broke, staying the distance and giving up. When it comes to writing and publishing, we are all still learning. As bricks and mortar book shops close, printed distribution of new authors becomes out of reach even for traditional publishers, the exciting field of ebook design and publishing is where all the action is. We look forward to helping you on your journey. Have a fantastic lead up to the end of 2014 and a Merry Christmas.—Amanda Greenslade, Director

Image resolution

Image resolution is a complicated topic, but one that is important for those looking to publish images either in print or online.

The higher the image resolution, the more detailed the image, the higher the quality, and the larger it can be shown.

DPI is the measurement we use to work out the resolution of an image. DPI simply means dots per inch. This means how many dots (similar to pixels) in an image. The more pixels/dots the better the picture.

Every time you make an image larger than it started you are reducing the DPI it has. So just enlarging an image is not an alternative. That’s why it’s always better to start big and then save down if necessary.

Below is the same circle saved at 300 DPI and 72 DPI. Enlarging the 72 DPI circle shows how the pixels are more obvious and have distorted the sharpness of the circle’s edge.

The lowest measurement acceptable for print is 300 DPI. You can usually tell if an image has a large resolution by its file size. A low quality image will only be a few hundred kilobytes (KB), where as a better image will be more than a megabyte at least, sometimes many more.

For ebooks we recommend starting with print quality images. This way you know your images are going to look vibrant and beautiful on your readers’ screens.

Apple Promo Codes

If you’ve ever requested promo codes for your ibook you’ll know that you can only request 100. This has changed in the last few days, proving you can now request up to 250! These promo codes are for you to give away free copies of your book/s. This will prove useful in marketing if you want to give reviewers a copy without them needing to buy it. Contact us today if you would like to order yourself some promo codes.

Crowdfunding ebooks

For authors this could be an interesting opportunity, and for readers this is a way to push the books you want to read. For now it’s mostly only available to US authors and readers, but if all goes well, it should open up to other countries.

“Kindle Scout is reader-powered publishing for new, never-before-published books. It’s a place where readers help decide if a book gets published. Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing.”(read more here)


Orange Town: FIFO 3-2-1
(Editing, Print Design, Print-on-Demand, Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: Paul Rhoden

Hangovers, colourful language, and the vast array of characters that work with him, are a normal part of Rooster’s FIFO life in the bush. But has this straight talking guy finally bitten off more than he can chew? Can he keep dodging the allure of corruption? And will a dark secret of his past finally catch up with him?

FIFO: There’s a Healthier Way
(Print Design, Print-on-Demand, Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: Steve Hord

FIFO: There’s A Healthier Way was written with FIFO workers in mind, but provides an informative read for anyone who wants to lose body fat, look better and eat healthier—the way nature intended. This book is for those of you who want to improve your mental outlook and sleeping patterns, mitigate stress, maintain healthier relationships, or just improve your overall health and wellness.

Pilot Pursuits
(Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design, Designer’s Touch™)
Author: Nicholas Johnstone

From penniless wanderer to Captain on the Airbus A320 in Singapore, Pilot Pursuits weaves its hilarious way through the USA, Zanzibar, Kenya, Australia, Switzerland, Europe and the Far East all in pursuit of the ultimate dream - Captain of a jet airliner.

Thinkers Keys
(Print-on-Demand, Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Tony Ryan

The Thinkers Keys are 20 powerful strategies for teaching children to think. Specifically designed to be used by 8 to 14 year-olds.

Packing for Love
(Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: Anna Teshin

Smart, sexy, globe trotting Alex isn’t looking for love. She just wants to live her life to the fullest. A chance meeting with a handsome stranger catches her off guard. She tries to resist his magnetic pull but fails miserably. His rugged good looks and old-fashioned chivalry eventually win her over. Against all odds, the jet setting duo find home in each other’s hearts.

Ebook Distribution

While this is one of our main services it is still important to recognise it. Ebook distribution can be difficult for authors looking to go it alone. Some vendors refuse to talk to individual authors and others have complicated uploading procedures, not to mention having to worry about overseas tax and addresses.

This is why we’re happy to offer our aggregation service to customers. We will load your ebook to Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. Note that depending on your ebook format, some vendors may be inaccessible.

Our aggregation contracts include keeping your book on sale for two years. Meanwhile we will maintain all of your royalties and send you out easy-to-read sales data. All of our aggregation customers will have access to our Royalties Dashboard, a place to see your sales, royalties and payments.

Talk to us today about aggregating your ebooks. Head to our website for more information.


This is our last big enewsletter for the year, so we’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best, and hope your ebook adventures have been well worth the effort.

Australian eBook Publisher will be closed from 22 December 2014 to 2 January 2015 (gosh it feels weird to write 2015!).

All the best!

See you next time!

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