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For new Australian eBook Publisher conversion & distribution projects (ebook or print) we’re providing you with ONE FREE ISBN (worth $45 + GST) between April and June this year.

To qualify you simply have to start up ebook conversion and distribution, or print layout and distribution with print-on-demand between April 1 and June 30 2015. Mention 2015-Q2-ISBN when asking us for a quote.

Contact us at info@australianebookpublisher.com.au or 07 3345 1415 for more information.

Terms & Conditions
This promotion is only available to new customers only between 01 April and 30 June 2015. Not available to those already quoted or started up prior to the commencement of this offer. Customer must quote code 2015-Q2-ISBN during quoting stage. This promotion is only available to customers undertaking both aggregation and conversion with Australian eBook Publisher. To be applicable, you must be signed up to our email newsletter and have liked our Facebook page. Exceptions can be made, for example if you don't have Facebook. The deposit must be paid by the last day of the month of the promotion and you will need to mention the promo code when you first contact us.


We recently sent out an announcement that our new Royalties Dashboard is live and up and running. If you missed this announcement are wondering how to get access, please contact us at info@australianebookpublisher.com.au

Our Royalties Dashboard is exclusive to Australian eBook Publisher aggregation customers (ebook and POD).

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Apple’s iOS 8 brings millions more people to the iBookstore

The release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6+ also saw the release of Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 8. Unlike previous versions of iOS, it now comes with iBooks. What this means is that more people have access to this app than ever before. In fact, Apple are reporting that since iOS was released, there are around ONE MILLION new iBookstore customers per week! That’s good news for all of our authors on iBooks.

Read more: iBooks Averages 1 Million New Customers Per Week Post-iOS8

Print book sales down, contributed to ebooks

Data released at the beginning of the year shows that in the US print book market, sales are down. An article from The Digital Reader (link below) explains “print sale [sic] were growing 20% in the 5 years before 2009, after which they declined 37%”. In the USA ebook sales are coming to the fore, and print books are slowing down. As Australia often follows economic patterns and trends seen in the USA and the UK, and the uptake of tablets and smartphones here is already following, we can assume a similar effect here in years to come.

Read more: How Print Sales Have Declined Since the Rise of eBooks


The Tiger Teaclub
(Proofread, Print Layout, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution, Print on Demand)
Author: Harvey Fewings

The Tiger Tea Club is a delightful adventure story about the lives of some special people in Australia’s Northern Territory during the 1980s. How they live and how they love form part of their astonishing adventure, which is drawn against the exciting backdrop of some of the world’s most spectacular and rugged country. We go with them, from their raffish jazz club in Darwin, The Tiger Tea Club, through the cultural treasures of Darwin life at that time, watch them swim in mysterious, remote gorges where they meet spiritual beings, and fight for their lives in the Arafura Sea as they are tossed about in a violent tropical thunderstorm.

The Stylised Version of You
(Standard Ebook Conversion, Enhanced Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution)
Author: Dr Christiaan Willems

This is a Workbook, a ‘Briefcase Workbook’.

Working through these chapters will help to enhance not only your presenting technique, but also your self-confidence and presence—enabling you to deliver a more comfortable, confident, clear, and credible, professional presentation. Enjoy it.

Experience With God
(Layout Proofing, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution)
Author: Kwadwo and Mary Asamoah

Experience With God is an inspirational book from the Holy Spirit. It is practical to the practical Christian and non denominational. The book rightly touches on issues like faith, practical Christian living, prayer and trust in God. Anyone could relate the deep biblical expositions to their generation and environment. It is therefore trans generational and multicultural.

Echoes of Elgar
(Cover Design, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution)
Author: Robert Miller

The mysterious music of Sir Edward Elgar’s Dream Children has inspired this romantic and frankly sensual novel set in Paris and Sydney. Three people share a variety of relationships gently framed in music and an undiscovered secret only the reader knows.

The Reality of a Dark History
(Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution)
Author: Val Donovan

This book is the account of the period of first contact between Traditional Owners and European newcomers, in Australia. It covers the resulting warfare and destruction of Indigenous societies through disease and malnutrition, and sets in context later Queensland Government decisions.


Why do I need an ISBN?

ISBNs or International Standard Book Numbers are important for sales tracking and identification of books.

Out of the ebook vendors Australian eBook Publisher works with, Apple, Google Play and Amazon Kindle don’t require an ISBN, but we do recommend using one, as it helps us to manage projects. Australian eBook Publisher will only aggregate ebooks that have their own ISBN.

Read more about ISBNs on our FAQ here:


“Being a first time author, I was a little nervous on how I would go. Then deciding who I wanted to publish my book. I am so happy I published with Australian eBook Publisher. The team were very informative, supportive and creative with my project and the final result of my book Julz's Kitchen was just what I was looking for. I cannot wait to start book 2 now and work with the ‘A’ team again as the whole transaction from start to finish was a very stress free and pleasurable experience.”—Julie Clark, author of Julz’s Kitchen


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