March 2018 Newsletter

Are you off to a running start with your writing in the year 2018? If all the inquiries we are receiving is anything to go by, 2018 is going to be a bumper year for authors. Take Arthur Bozikas, one of our long-standing customers, author of Bang and Burn, an Australian spy thriller. He's started a brand new website for Debut Authors, to help with the task of building an author platform. It's free to join, and is in the early stages of pre-launch, so get in now to show your support to Arthur and get your book promoted when they start advertising worldwide this year.

Whatever your plans are for the year 2018 we hope you will scaffold your dreams with practical advice and apt strategies. Make sure you run your publishing projects in their proper order and spend the correct amount of time at each stage, from editing to designing, from ebook conversion to distribution, from printing to marketing.

We can help with parts of the process or the entirety. As the new graphic on our home page shows, our true strength is our diversity and ability to manage your entire publishing project with excellent customer service for you.

—Amanda Greenslade, Managing Director

We are also trading as PublishMyBook.Online

Australian eBook Publisher have published nearly 100 books in print and more than 500 ebooks. Our customers are increasingly seeking our complete publishing services, including our print-on-demandprint procurement and book marketing services.

Our new publishing brand, PublishMyBook.Online, is about making printed books and ebooks available for sale online. This describes the business better than 'Australian eBook Publisher' and the new logo looks great on the back and spine of our printed books.

To see your name in print, visit our website PublishMyBook.Online today!

Latest Blog Articles

How to Attract and Retain Sponsors and PartnersEbook Conversion Australia—The Way to Go! 

by Lynne (editor)

When ebooks first came on the scene, everyone wondered if they were a fad that would quickly fade. While the publishing business is ever-changing, it looks like ebooks will be a part of it for a while to come.

Have you considered having your manuscript converted into an ebook? Maybe you don’t think there’s any point. Believe me, there is. 

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What will it be like doing business with Amazon Australia?

by Amanda Greenslade

Here at Australian Ebook Publisher, we've been doing business with Amazon for six years, and we are glad to see them finally opening a physical presence in Australia. However, you might be wondering what the situation has been for the past six years.

We sell books in print and ebook formats through Amazon. The ebooks have been on Amazon's Australian ( site since 2013 whereas, until now, the printed books would have to be ordered from (their USA site).

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March Special

FREE Publicity For Your Book!

Send us photos of you holding your books for free social media posts we'll do from our account - ebook only people can hold a device with the cover or a page on it, the nicer and more interesting the photo the better.

Simply email your pictures to:

Realizing Heaven
Editing, Cover Design, Printed Book Design, Print-on-demand, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution, Marketing
Author: Otto Hoolhorst

Have you ever wondered if there is a fundamental reason for most of humanity’s problems? Why have we struggled for so long to deal with issues like inequality, poverty, oppression, corruption, environmental abuse and war?

Why do billions of people continue to allow themselves to be deceived, subjugated and exploited? Why are there so many conflicting versions of morality and spirituality?

Transform Nutrition
Editing, Cover Design, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Samantha McDonald

The Transform Nutrition Change program books are designed to take the confusion and complication out of achieving your health goals. The recipes are tasty and nutritious but best of all are easy to master in the kitchen regardless of your cooking level. The programs come designed for three goals and are easily manipulated from female to male.

How to Heal a Bad Birth – Making Sense, Making Peace and Moving On
Ebook Conversion
Authors: Melissa Bruijn and Debby Gould

How to Heal a Bad Birth is a gentle guide for women who have experienced a difficult, disappointing or traumatic birth, and want to make sense, make peace and move on. Written by the founders of™, this book works double-time as an indispensable resource for partners, family and health professionals, enabling them to offer meaningful support for a woman in this situation.

Dead to the World
Editing, Cover Design, Printed Book Design, Print-on-demand, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Kevin Stone

Professor Martin Woods leads a study of parents with adult autistic children claiming to offer hope. But, in a moment of despair, he tells Alice Brody her son is ‘dead to the world’. When Alice and her son, Callum, are found dead in an apparent murder/suicide, all fingers point to Martin’s involvement. He comes under fire as the government's war on welfare dependency, led by the newly-ascendant National Prosperity Party, becomes a ferocious attack on the weak and vulnerable.

The Life Manual
Editing, Cover Design, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Matthew Yong-O'Gorman

The Life Manual is a non-fiction, information book written primarily for young adults. It aims at providing teenagers and adults in their early 20s with essential life information. Topics and issues covered in The Life Manual include education, time management, working, driving, travelling and moving out of home.

A World in Conflict – The Global Battle for Rugby Supremacy
Cover Design, Printed Book Design, Print-on-demand, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Geoff Parkes

Power and influence in rugby is shifting away from its historical tie to international on-field success, much of it in the southern hemisphere, to the boardrooms of cashed-up, influential rugby clubs in the UK and France. A confused rugby calendar is subjected to a ‘land grab’ from clubs and national unions, all striving to maximise revenue.

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