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March 2014 AEP Newsletter

Our February promotion was very popular and, as a result, we now have a number of independent authors on the program to benefit from 90% of net receipts, a generous contract we usually reserve for large-volume customers (with ten books or more).

Our royalties database, which crunches the complex data from the four vendors we work with, is functioning well. Since last quarter’s payments were made in January, it has been updated to deal with the changing payment data from Amazon. Two reasons for this: 1) Amazon now pays us by EFT and 2) Amazon now distributes ebooks to India, yet the Indian sales and payment data are merged with the US sales data.

—Amanda Greenslade, Director


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Fixed layout ebooks

If you have purchased an ebook that is described as a fixed layout epub, it is probably only suitable for viewing on large tablets or ereaders such as an Apple iPad, Kobo Arc, Google Nexus or Microsoft Surface. We recommend using a tablet to view fixed layout ebooks, not your mobile phone. The larger screen size of a tablet makes using richly-illustrated, fixed layout ebooks a breeze.

For instructions on how to load these ebooks onto your devices, please see our FAQ article

Kobo Takes Over Sony

This year will see Sony closing their ebook store to Canadian and US readers following a deal with Kobo last year. Ebooks from the Sony ebook store will soon be available on Kobo. In late March those readers with Sony ebook libraries will be sent an email to help make the transition. For more info head to this FAQ from Sony. This merge currently does not affect Australian readers, but this may change in the future.

You might also be interested in the ten bold predictions about ebooks and digital publishing for 2014 on Digital Book World: http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2013/ten-bold-predictions-for-ebooks-and-digital-publishing-in-2014/

Facebook Survey

Last month Australian eBook Publisher asked its Facebook followers to tell us how they read their ebooks, we had some interesting results…

Want to contribute your thoughts? Head to our Facebook page and join the conversation.

Book Cover Design

People say not to judge a book by its cover, but we would all be lying if we said we follow that old adage. A book cover is the first thing your potential reader will see of your book, so your cover needs to be eye-catching and engaging, particularly to your ideal target audience (the people you’re aiming your book at).

What is interesting to note is that ebook covers and print book covers don’t have the same requirements. An ebook cover will show up on multiple devices of different sizes, so it is important to make the title stand out a lot more than with print books. Australian eBook Publisher have professional graphic designers in-house, so if producing your own book cover is not possible, or you’re unhappy with your results, we’re happy to design it for you. Head to our website to get more details about this service.


Geometry of the End of Time
(Conversion, Distribution)
Robert Lawlor
This work explores the geometric and prophetic patterns which emerge from integrating the three major ancient cycles of time: the precession of the equinox, the Mayan calendar and the over-arching structure of time, the Yuga system of Hindu and Egyptian tradition.
For Land of Our Own
(Conversion, Cover Design)
Author: Thomas McCallum

The story follows my ancestors in Scotland, their emigration to South Australia and the suffering and tragedy that they endured.

Wait until the Dust Settles
Author: Robyn Hannam

A quick guidebook for people seeking a way of recovery from Trauma

Federation Track West
Author: Bill Avery
Federation Track West is a 1,400 kilometre hiking route starting at the site of Australia’s first Federal Parliament, the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne and finishing at the South Australian Parliament House.
The Bracelet
(Print design, Distribution)
Author: J.J Sheahan

This is a tale about strong women across six generations of an Australian family and the heirloom that links them together. It is about embracing the reality beyond romance.
Calories Don’t Count
(Conversion, Cover Design)
Author: Ben Minos

Everything you’ve been told about nutrition is a lie. The biggest myth of modern nutrition is that it all comes down to calories. Calories in and calories out.

There is only one problem with the whole calorie theory. It is just plain wrong!

In this book you find out the truth on how your body really stores fat and what is the best way to lose it.


Can you distribute my iBooks Author ebook?

Apple iBooks Author produces .iba (working format) and .ibooks (publish-ready format), not epubs. iBooks Author is free to download from the Mac App store and comes with ready-to-publish templates. Using these templates will ensure you have a working ebook, but please try to be creative about your book design and keep the end user experience top of mind always. iBooks Author is good for producing multi-touch fixed layout ebooks, which are highly designed, interactive and feature multimedia. It is not ideal for novels, short stories or books that are mostly text.

While Australian eBook Publisher can distribute your .ibooks file for you, it is limited to Apple iPad.

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“I have produced several ebooks with the help of Amanda Greenslade and the team at Australian eBook Publisher. Without exception they have done what they said they would, when they would. But they do more, they have repeatedly gone out of their way to be of assistance and made themselves available out of normal hours to assist me in producing our books and have shown great understanding as we have gone through the learning curve of e-publishing and helped avoid the numerous traps for new players.

So thanks to everyone at Australian eBook Publisher. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Australian eBook Publisher to anyone.”—Dr Stephen Hardy, Managing Director, Promoting Good Health Pty Ltd

See you next month!

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