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JULY–SEPTEMBER 2015 Newsletter

This time of year is always exciting and busy for us and our authors. September is a book launch golden time, as it provides opportunities for Christmas buying in western countries.

As part of our commitment to professionalism and keeping up with our wonderfully diverse industry, Australian eBook Publisher has joined the Australian Publishers Association. This gives us even more access to cutting edge ideas, workflow and technology, and the opportunity to position our printed books in the best way possible for ease of distribution.

If you want your printed book to be easy to find at bookstores, contact me about getting it listed on the APA bookstore database. —Amanda Greenslade, Director


$77 (inc GST) off Ebook Designer’s Touch™ on reflowing ebooks

  • Do you want a beautiful ebook?
  • Do you want your readers to have a great experience reading your ebook?
  • Do you want your ebook to look professional and of high quality?

Australian eBook Publisher’s signature service is the Ebook Designer’s Touch™. This means that we will use Design Thinking to project-manage the design and publishing of your ebook.

Our Ebook Designer’s Touch™ adds professionalism and class to a plain ebook. An Australian eBook Publisher designer will create an ebook design for you. And for the entirety of July through to the end of September 2015, we’re offering $77 (including GST) off this service. See terms and conditions here.


Can I adjust my book’s price?

You might want to raise or reduce the price of your ebook or print-on-demand book for marketing efforts, or you might have decided the price of your book doesn’t reflect your target audience.

Australian eBook Publisher aggregation contracts offer one free meta data change per year. This means once a year, at no cost to you, we can adjust your pricing.

If you would like advice on your ebook or print book pricing, contact Australian eBook Publisher about our marketing packages. If you would like to adjust your book pricing, contact info@australianebookpublisher.com.au.


Copyright protection for ebook authors

In a message from Murray St Leger from Copyright Australia, we were informed that “investigations found at least 80 per cent of the reportedly 10 million ebook titles on seven offshore websites were infringing copyright and almost a million takedown notices had been issued to the sites. The sites make substantial sums of money from referral fees and advertising, with none of that income returning to publishers or authors.”

St Leger described how the UK Publisher’s Association have managed to order five of the main internet service providers in the UK to block consumer access to websites that promote the online theft of ebooks. In recent Australian news you will have heard there was a bill recently passed in parliament that aims to provide the same protection here in Australia. This has divided the country with regards to downloading other digital products (movies, etc), but there has been little media attention about how it will affect authors.

More information on this can be found here.

Tax shakeups for ebooks

Earlier this year we announced that the taxation laws in the European Union changed in such a way as to affect ebook authors. The ebook price you set with Australian eBook Publisher include taxes, so some sales will result in lower net receipts unless you increased your prices in February 2015, when we offered one free round of changes to account for these taxation changes. Australian eBook Publisher authors should contact Amanda Greenslade at info@australianebookpublisher.com.au if they are concerned about how this might affect their books and would like to know more.

Good news for children’s and YA authors

According to the US Publishing Industry’s Annual Survey, one of the biggest developments was the amount of growth shown in the Children’s and YA market in 2014.

“The area of largest growth for the trade category was children & young adult, which had double-digit growth in both revenue (20.9%) and units (13.5%). Children & YA fiction surpassed the adult fiction market with 843 million units and 746 million units sold respectively.” Read more

Our director, Amanda Greenslade, will be launching her own children’s books this August and September.

Myra and the Magic Motorcycle #1:
The Business in Bermuda

Full colour picture book and advanced reader for kids 5–7

Available: 1 September 2015 in print and online (pre-order now) When Myra, an eight-year-old Australian girl, finds a yellow sports bike in the back shed, she doesn’t expect it to actually work. It has strange buttons on the display and something like an eyebrow above the headlight. And there is a key in the ignition!

Insert Your Name Interactive Ebooks #1:
You, Kifaru and the Mud Problem

Interactive full colour ebook for kids 4+

Available: 20 August 2015 online

An African hippo gets his foot stuck in the mud, and lots of animals try to help, but even the biggest and strongest of them all is unable. The hippo needs your help to get free.

Insert your child’s name at the beginning of this ebook to see them become the hero in the end!

Kindle Unlimited pays authors by pages read

Kindle Select, the program for authors who choose to publish ebooks exclusively with Amazon Kindle, runs Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service for ebooks. Pay a fee per month and read as many books as you like (kind of like Netflix or Spotify). Kindle has adjusted its payment mechanism recently. Rather than paying authors based on the number of times the book has been borrowed and read, it will now pay authors based on the amount of pages read. This will accomplish a number of things, including a reduction of poor-quality books. Some argue that it is unfair. Still, with these changes it is more important than ever to work with a high quality book editor and designer like those found at Australian eBook Publisher. Read more at Kindle, Ink, Bits, & Pixels, Fortune and Melville House.


The 1960s Aboriginal Fruit-Picking Scheme
Proofread, Book Design and Layout, Print Book Cover Design, Print on Demand Distribution
Author: Milton James

In 2005, Milton James—a not so ordinary social worker—put ideology to one side and took up a common-sense approach to overcoming the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. The results were outstanding. Milton had thought he had embarked on something new, but he was to discover that he was repeating what worked in the past. This book is the result of many years of painstaking research and the necessity to travel thousands of kilometres to uncover the almost forgotten history of the Aboriginal fruit-picking scheme.

Two Dogs in Bondi
Enhanced Ebook Conversion, Fixed Layout Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution, Print on Demand Distribution
Author: Therese Waters

Solomon has moved to Bondi and is pining for a surf buddy until he meets fellow poodle-cross, Bobbi Ray who is up for the challenge. First there are a few hurdles to overcome; Solomon can’t stand up on a surfboard and Bobbi is terrified of waves. Soon they become the laughing stock of the Bondi hipster Staffy crew, who all know how to surf. Together they decide to tap into the wise teachings of ex pro-surfer Staffy, Mr. Cornelius Wagstaffe, face their fears about the ocean and learn to understand the true meaning of doggie friendship.

Special Enhanced Feature: Includes narration by Australian TV Presenter James Mathison.

Opal Ridge
Manuscript Assessment, Editing, Ebook Designer’s Touch™, Reflowing Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution, Book Design and Layout, Print Book Cover Design, Reflowing Print on Demand Distribution, Marketing
Author: Victoria Capper

Amidst the harsh landscape and beauty of the Australian outback, two people are unsure that they’re ready to commit to love.

Opal Ridge is the first novel in Victoria Capper’s trilogy of outback romances. It covers the joys and trials of living in the Australian outback as well as the inevitable relationships that develop. In its way Opal Ridge is both a romp through the vernacular of life in the Bush and a story of great depth.

The Eagle of Nemesis
Ebook Cover Design, Reflowing Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: David Aspland

The essays and articles contained in this revised volume have been written over the past twelve years, looking at various aspects of the history of the New South Wales Police. The aim of these articles was to record the author’s memories of events and items that impacted his twenty-five years of service—between 1980 and 2005. This book is a historical reference for those interested in collecting or research NSW Police history or memorabilia.

Two Aussies in Commo Poland 1976–1979
Ebook Designer’s Touch™, Reflowing Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Eddie Lacinski

This book is about how a simple trip to communist Poland in 1976 turned two average Aussies and their wives, into overnight entrepreneurs under the noses of the unsuspecting bureaucrats, or occasionally with their acquiescence for a cut of the action.


“I would like to take this opportunity to praise and recommend Nicole Armanno, Customer Contact Officer at Australian eBook Publisher, for the magnificent marketing services that was provided to me.

Australian eBook Publisher’s work on publishing my ebook exceeded my expectations when I took up their marketing service offer. Making potential readers aware of the novel and my story was crucial after the ebook became available. A comprehensive social media approach, right through to spreading the word to a larger audience, using her media release and other professional tools was very assuring.

“Having an article in my local newspapers (Blacktown SUN) and being interviewed by a major Sydney AM radio station (2CH 1170) was amazing. Overall, I have seen a marked increase in traffic on all my social media platforms and an increase interest to my ebook thanks to Nicole’s efforts. The service that Nicole provided me was both effective and a great deal. I am very pleased with my marketing services and highly recommend this service.”—Arthur Bozikas, author of Black Ops Zulu: Pivotal Velocity

See you next time!

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