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February–March 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to 2016 everyone! Some exciting things are on the horizon as Australian eBook Publisher continues to be at the cutting edge of ebook design, publishing and marketing.

Australian eBook Publisher has opened an opportunity to start distributing its ebooks to Australian libraries. We offer this service to you primarily as a marketing opportunity for your book and your author platform. If you would like more information or to opt-in to this program, please contact us at info@australianebookpublisher.com.au.

If you've been waiting for the right time to publish, contact us today. We offer full project management publishing services, budget options for those who don't wish to check drafts, as well as loading files to your vendor accounts so you can keep 100% of your sales. Whatever works for you works for us; we're a small business and we're super flexible!—Amanda Greenslade, Director



For the entire month of January up until the end of March we will be offering all our customers who book in an ebook or print cover design an extra Facebook promotional image to market that book for FREE (T&Cs apply).

Your book’s cover is incredibly important, not only to help your book look professional, but also to make it stand out from the crowd. Book your professional cover design with Australian eBook Publisher and we will make sure your cover is stunning and perfectly suited to your book.

Contact us today. To be eligible for this offer you must tell us where you found out about it.


Australian eBook Publisher's ebook conversion is incredibly thorough. We do our utter best to make sure that your ebook will look good on as many devices as possible and look as much like your original manuscript (or Ebook Designer’s Touch™) as possible. We can embed tables, fonts, pictures, colours and funky designs. Not to mention enhanced ebook conversion that includes videos and sound and some interactive features. Contact us today if you’d like to convert your manuscript or published hard copy book into an ebook or enhanced ebook.


Subscription Ebooks Model is Failing

In recent years the subscription model has become popular. Programs like Netflix and Spotify have contributed to their popularity. About two years ago, a few companies in the ebook market started subscription services. Users pay a set fee per month and are able to access all the ebooks that are available on that service. However, it seems that for ebooks, the subscription model is failing. Oyster, one of the more popular services has recently shut down, and much of the Oyster team will be joining Google Play Books. It remains to be seen how Kindle’s KOLL service will go, but if decreasing author profits are anything to go by, Amazon’s ebook subscription business model may be sound… for them. Source

Amazon Exposes Bad Writing

Most ebook readers are aware of the lack of a content control system, wherein books are vetted for quality. This is one of the reasons self-publishing can be seen as ‘less than’ by buyers. The importance of having a well-edited book is now coming to the fore as Amazon Kindle announces they will be publicly warning people if an ebook has spelling mistakes or formatting errors. (More on this here.) If you think this may be a problem for you, contact Australian eBook Publisher for an editing quote.

What this could mean is that we, as readers, will finally be able to get a hint as to whether the content we’re purchasing is well-written. It’s still a new idea, so we’ll have to keep watch on this and see how it develops.

Shelfari shuts down

Shelfari was a virtual bookshelf where readers could review, and rate books they had read. This service has been owned by Amazon since 2008. Shelfari was ahead of the digital curve, busting onto the scene before ebooks and ereading devices were popular. However despite their good ideas, their lack of evolution let them down. GoodEreader says this: “The company never got around to providing a slick user interface or released high quality apps for Android or iOS.” On January 20, Amazon announced that Shelfari was being merged with a more popular Amazon-owned service: Goodreads. This may be a good move; pushing all Shelfari users over to Goodreads will increase its user base and turn Goodreads into an authority on book reviews and a way to connect with authors that readers will love.


Tilt: A Climate Change Thriller
Book Layout for Print, Book Cover Design, Print on Demand, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Max Oberon

Maybe you think climate change is a natural phenomenon? Perhaps you have considered it an unfortunate by-product of so many human beings on this tiny planet? Has it occurred to you that there may be a more insidious reason? What Tilt uncovers is much more frightening and thought-provoking.

Dinkum Aussie Ringer
OCR, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution, Book Marketing
Author: Warren Purnell

This hilarious Aussie autobiography about a stockman in the outback will delight readers interested in Australian history and tickle the funny bone of the Aussie larrikin in all of us.

Plating Up History
Print on Demand, Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Grania Poliness

This book is a unique approach to the history of Australia told through the images which have appeared on Australian souvenir china specifically commissioned by councils, businesses and individuals. It is the story of the images and their creators.

Mallee Memories
Ebook Designer’s Touch™, Ebook Conversion, Cover Design, Ebook Distribution
Author: Margaret (Meg) J. Irvin & Lindsay Polkinghorne

Mallee Memories: 100 Years of Schooling in Nyah West, has been inspired by the many students, staff and families who been a part of the school at Nyah West, a Victorian Mallee town on the Murray River.

You, Kifaru and the Mud Problem
Illustration, Fixed Layout Ebook Design, Enhanced Ebook Conversion, Ebook Distribution
Author: Amanda Greenslade

An African hippo gets his foot stuck in the mud, and lots of animals try to help, but even the biggest and strongest is unable. The hippo needs your help to get free.

On Apple devices you can input your child's name and gender, and they become the hero of the story!


“As a complete novice to e-publishing, I found your service extremely helpful and always professional, courteous and patient – communications were excellent and there were no rude shocks or let-downs. I feel very confident in recommending you to any authors wanting to e-publish their books; my next books will certainly be published by you!”—LynMiller, author of BLUE and North of Himal

See you next time!

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