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February 2014 AEP Newsletter

Are you writing or publishing books this year? We hope you continue to get the same deep satisfaction and thrill of seeing your work up for sale on the world wide web as we do.

This year we’re focused on growth, maintaining great relationships with our customers and producing some fantastic ebooks. What are you looking forward to?

In this month’s newsletter we bring to you industry news, a hot writing tip, and a special promotion! Read on to find out more…

—Amanda Greenslade, Director


Image: Andrew Mason via Flickr

Australian eBook Publisher is happy to announce our February 2014 Distribution Promotion:
  • Get 90% Royalties (normally 80%)
  • And get on Apple, Amazon, Kobo and Google Play direct from Australian eBook Publisher's accounts for just $120 + GST (normally $180 + GST)

Head to our blog for more information and terms and conditions


Show Don’t Tell

You’ve probably heard this adage before, but it’s real and it’s the key to making your prose punchy. Let your characters experience their emotions before telling us about them.

A. Janet was nervous to meet the man who might be her father.

B. Janet’s hands were clammy, but she raised a trembling fist anyway and knocked on her potential long-lost father's door.

While sentence A tells you that Janet is nervous, sentence B shows you. Which do you prefer?

Image: Image: Håkan Dahlström via Flickr


Apple iBooks for Mac Computers has arrived

Have you taken advantage of Apple’s free update? If not head over to the App store and look for the update “Mavericks”. Mavericks comes with a bunch of updates that’ll whip your Mac into shape.

Our favourite update is the new iBooks app for desktop Macs. iBooks has long been around for devices and as a part of iTunes, however this new stand-alone app for desktop Macs makes it possible to read ebooks on your desktop.

It changes the way you side-load ebooks onto your Apple devices. If you only ever buy books through iTunes it won’t bother you, but if you’re working with us and testing ebook drafts, read on. After installing the stand-alone iBooks app to your desktop Mac, to add a book to your Apple device you will need to open your epub file in iBooks. Opening it with the iBooks app means this book is now in your library. To add the book to your device, simply open up iTunes and sync your device as usual.

Google Play is expanding

As Google Play launches in more and more countries, your books have the opportunity to be for sale in a wider distribution network.

What this means for you
If you already have a book with Australian eBook Publisher and your contract grants us worldwide rights you need to take no further action as your books will automatically be available in these new territories. This includes future countries that Google Play will be available in.

If you’re thinking about publishing your ebook then talk to us today about your project.


Manuscript Assessments

If you feel your book isn’t quite ready for the publishing stage, but are still interested in some quality feedback, we can provide you with a manuscript assessment. What this means is that we will read your book from start to finish and produce a report including general advice and commentary on structure, pace, language and wording, accuracy, continuity, saleability, formatting and more. For more details please head to our website.


Taming the Black Dog
(Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Kevin Donnelly
The book details the impact of suffering and loss as a result of a family tragedy and details how the father involved dealt with depression and tamed Churchill’s black dog.
Set By The Ancients
Author: Phoebe and Paul Hoogendyk
“Set By The Ancients” is a story in progress about two people and their spiritual journey. It is very much a path of the heart, intuition, trust and an opening into the ancient knowledge held close by the Native elders and their peoples around the world.

Coral Reefs and Climate Change: The guide for education and awareness
(Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Craig Reid, Justin Marshall, Dave Logan, Diana Kleine
Coral Reefs and Climate Change focuses on coral reefs, the astonishing abundance of life within them and the impacts of climate change on this beautiful environment.

Clean Eating Recipes Volume One
(Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: Clean Eating Recipes PTY LTD
Stocked with over 200 quick to prepare and easy to cook recipes Clean Eating Recipes Volume One is not a diet or short term fix. Rather it’s a lifestyle choice that promises to help you lose weight, sleep better, increase your energy levels, clear your skin and just generally fuel your appetite for life.
(Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: Warren Craig Shan
A small child, a toddler is found abandoned on a park bench in Glasgow, Scotland in 1979. Five narrators recount their experience when their paths cross that of this extraordinary girl as she journeys through the various stages of her life.

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