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April 2014 AEP Newsletter

It is great to work with so many different people with different books, different objectives and different outlooks on publishing. Here at Australian eBook Publisher we’re very flexible. For example, today I heard the claim that a certain new ebook aggregator from the UK was going to revolutionize the publishing industry by offering 100% of the net receipts. Don’t be fooled! This company will charge £7 per month per book, making them nearly three times more expensive than working with us (over a two year term). Furthermore, their claim about 100% net receipts being new is totally untrue. Some of our big US competitors are already offering this, and we do ourselves in certain circumstances (and for a higher upfront fee).

Please contact us if you want more details about our aggregation services.

—Amanda Greenslade, Director

Kobo iOS App Update

Those of you using Apple devices to run a Kobo app will be happy to know that there has been an update. The updated app has a new home screen, easier access, and can support enhanced ebooks much better. If you have already installed the update, tell us what you think.

iTunes Producer Update

The latest update to iTunes producer brings a whole new interface as well as the claim that Apple can approve some ebooks as fast as 48 hours. The change reduces the number of steps we have to click through to get your book ready for submitting. Apple says that this update brings with it a redesigned user interface, streamlined workflows and a built-in help centre.

Google Analytics style tool for Ebooks

Jellybooks, a new company, have proposed the development of a new tool that will help authors and publishers discover who is reading their books, for how long, at what time of day, and plenty of other data as well. This new tool, at the moment titled “Project Crowberry” won a £25,000 funding award from the Technology Strategy Board to be developed.

From Jellybooks: "We are delighted that the judges chose to take our proposal forward. This award will enable us to develop a solution with the potential to make the relationship between author, publisher and reader a much more open, collaborative and interesting one. We look forward to creating a way for the ebook of the future to read you, the reader, and work closely with authors to help them better engage with readers." (Source: Book2Book)

We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Tip of the Month
How to use exclamation marks properly

Exclamation Marks should be used to indicate a high degree of strong emotion or surprise, and instead of a full stop. For example:

Oh, my God!
Look out!
Call the fire department!

Do not add “he (or she) exclaimed” after an exclamation mark. The punctuation says it all. Overuse of the exclamation mark should be avoided. If everything is made exclamatory nothing emerges as being emphasised.

Excerpt from Coral Hartley’s Write it Right!

Book Marketing

Do you have a book or ebook or author platform to market? Contact us for our free 55-point Marketing Checklist. Australian eBook Publisher offers a total ebook project management solution, not simply an ebook conversion. We can take your book from start to finish, from editing, to print layout, to printing, to ebook design and distribution, and to marketing.

Marketing books and ebooks is similar to other kinds of marketing. In order to really make a success out of a book, the author has to be both involved and committed, just as the owner of a business must be totally committed and involved in marketing her business.

Australian eBook Publisher offers a number of different marketing services. We can provide you with advice and let you implement it, we can spend time with you and your book and make a feasible marketing plan, we can even implement that plan for you.

To find out how we can help make your book project a success, contact us.

Or head to our website to read more about our marketing services.

Australian eBook Publisher has developed a 55-point Marketing Checklist available to all of our customers. Please contact Sharnai for your FREE copy today.


Project Management Masterclass
Author: Maggie Andres & Peter Exner
This Project Management Masterclass has been designed to provide an overview of the theory and practice of project management in the building and construction industry.
Entrepreneurial Intelligence
(Conversion, Distribution)
Author: Allan Bonsall

Phillip Di Bella started his business with $5000 in his pocket. Within 4 years the company had made BRW’s Top 100 Fastest Growing list, with Phillip named among the top 100 young rich.

This book is about the formula that drove his success; the same formula which we believe drives the success of every great entrepreneur. That formula is simply called entrepreneurial intelligence. This book is required reading for any entrepreneur who wants to survive the cut, and prosper.

The Academic Apple Tree
(Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: David Farrell

This autobiography takes the reader through a life of growing up in rural Ireland in the 1930s; losing the family farm, immigrating to Canada and later to Australia, working in a various jobs from cooking to being a station hand.

A Weaver’s Web
(Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: Chris Pearce
For almost his entire life, Peter has lived opposite the high walls of the gaol once used to hold prisoners of war. Peter becomes aware that the goal is used to hold 'bad' girls. When he tells his mates that he knows one of the girls in the gaol, they hatch a plan to rescue her. Peter soon learns that nothing is as it seems and people can surprise you.
(Conversion, Distribution, Cover Design)
Author: W. A. Noble

Best friends, Seeger and Boyd, are stolen in the night and, destined to be child soldiers; they’re flown on the back of a dragon to the citadel of the Midrashi. Seeger is sent to the stables, where he must endure harsh treatment by the Beast-master. Boyd becomes a soldier and fears he is losing his humanity. The two friends must find a way to survive and, possibly, to find a way home.

Can you scan my published book and create an ebook?

Yes. Normally when we work from a hard copy of a book, we scan, OCR with highly accurate software but also proofread it because no software no matter how sophisticated can get correct text and punctuation out of a printed book. A human being also needs to go through and reformat it back into a reflowing document, so that it will all come together in a readable fashion as an ebook. Read more

See if you can spot the errors in these pages from Orson Scott Card’s Xenocide. They look like OCR errors!


“As a complete novice to e-publishing, I found your service extremely helpful and always professional, courteous and patient – communications were excellent and there were no rude shocks or let-downs. I feel very confident in recommending you to any authors wanting to e-publish their books; my next books will certainly be published by you!” LynMiller, author of BLUE: Book One of the Adamadas Chronicles


See you next month!

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